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Oh such fun

A friend sent this to me – The Nostalgia Machine

Just dial in your year, see all the numbers you forgot, hit + and its added to your playlist – magic. Sit back and remember….. Continue reading

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Google theft

As a big user of Google, and an online shopper, I have always known that the adverts at the top of my shopping search are the ones paid for to Google.

What the hell is wrong with that? Continue reading


What is wrong with these people?

I cannot understand the arrogance and stubbornness of these two young people who have been SO DETERMINED to keep their child alive at all costs.

The cost is mostly the child’s! Continue reading

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Review the smoking ban – new report

Smokers are the only group of people in the Western World, that are never considered, never given a voice, who are overtly persecuted. Society has been sculpted to “hate” them by a barrage of deceit and lies poured into their minds by Prohibitionists whose only “Endgame” is the eradication of smokers worldwide. Continue reading

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Criminal activity

The Queen was driven to Parliament and she wasn’t wearing a seat belt in the back of her own car. Neither was Charles actually.

“Under UK law it is compulsory to wear a seat belt if there’s one fitted – but the Queen is immune from any civil or criminal proceedings.”

Continue reading

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Islam via “find” – Jihad and sharia

I do understand that to really understand Islam, I am born in the wrong language and culture. Reading the Quran in English is not ideal! Continue reading

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Islam via “find” – Mercy

If you follow my blog, you know I’m studying the Quran that I downloaded onto my computer via Google Chrome “find”.  It’s my own primitive content-analysis so to speak.

But others have done it before me. Excellent Link HereContinue reading

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Islam via “find”

I inherited a Quran from my grandmother when I was young. I read it. I was astonished that parts of it were not too different from The Bible with “Bible Stories” and Jesus mentioned. Continue reading


Hey – you!

I woke this morning thinking of “friends”. I don’t seem to have many. Or rather, we have all drifted away from each other. I suddenly realised I am the one that keeps the connection (no matter how fragile) goingContinue reading

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Sss-steam heat

We got steam heat!

To keep away the cold.

We need to remember this hot snap. And The Furlongs will! Continue reading