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Enlighten me about pain please

I staggered along to the Doctor. I thought I might have Shingles again, my pain is so intense. He says no. The doctor says no. Actually the Nurse Practitioner said no. It can’t be shingles because the blistery sore on my left leg is not on a ‘nerve path’. So it’s no. And if it were Shingles, it’s too late to treat it. Continue reading


What we learned in Africa about snakes

While I’m trying to recover from agonising hip pain from one of my 33 vertebrae, I was thanking god I was not a snake with  200-400 vertebrae. I’d really be in trouble.

Except they have no legs. Continue reading

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Have you heard of Hagfish?

I accidentally came upon this report about an apocalypse of Hagfish – Continue reading

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So my ‘heart attack’might be something else…

Since my ‘heart attack‘  last week, two things have happened. I have developed THE most excruciating sciatica that I have to walk bent over like a zombie until the pain has eased a little. I have done loads of sciatica exercises to no avail. Continue reading


God stuff and shit you didn’t know

If this offends you – tough shit! Tweet your complaint to #thoughtsandprayers

But I found it quite funny.

And smiling improved my pain….. Continue reading


A bit of a cock-up

I have always written this blog as “The Last Furlong”. I make everything short and sweet and topics can be about absolutely anything I feel like posting. There’s no set theme. Continue reading


My “heart attack” night

Mr Furlong and I have taken to sleeping in separate beds. We don’t “fit” anymore.

I have a sore wrist and forearm that only troubles me at night and I have to stretch it out on the bed to get comfortable. And Mr Furlong has shoulder pain for which he has to do the same.

But in the opposite direction. Continue reading