The Last Furlong

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Mr Furlong and I brought up five children.

I don’t know how we did it.

They all turned out OK.

Our grandchildren range from thirty something to three something.

I know the older ones are alive because we occasionally chat on WhatsApp.

I know the young grandchildren are alive because they physically come to visit us.

Everytime they do, I realise how amazing Mr Furlong and I are. We brought up five children altogether all at once!

We cannot fathom how we managed.

But if there is something perculiar about us, that’s what did it.

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Fate, Kismet, Karma

Mr Furlong received a very nice navy blue jacket for his birthday from one of our children.

Unfortunately there was something faulty about the zip and he returned it to the shop where they replaced it with a new one.

Mr Furlong wears that jacket regularly. He likes it very much.

Yesterday as we were otherwise busy, I was out and Mr Furlong was working in his man shed, Bass, the dog, dragged the jacket off the chair where Mr Furlong had slung it in his bedroom, pulled it up onto Mr Furlong’s bed and proceeded to gnaw off several sections of the zip.

Mr Furlong is not happy.

But I think there is some fate, karma or kismet that Mr Furlong has to endure a situation where a jacket that he really likes, is rendered zip less in some way.

Besides chewing the eye off the green plastic garden frog, Bass the dog has not chewed up anything else.

The dog walker is going to be surprised to find sections of Mr Furlong’s jacket in this morning’s poo.

And I am going to have to hide my cosy dressing gown which has always had an unreliable zip, lest Mr Furlong’s karma spreads to me!


Blooming Orchids!

In a past life as a working couple, we had a Rose Farm. We became pretty expert on how to kill roses quickly.

I swore roses could hear. If I said to Mr Furlong that I was thinking of chucking a limp and dying rose bush onto the compost heap, it would suddenly perk up, resuscitated self and make flowers.

For some years, we have had a wonderful collection of orchid plants. They have bloomed constantly and consistently for us over this time.

But something’s gone wrong.

There’s not a flower spike in sight.

My loving care has failed.

I’m going to say very loudly to Mr Furlong that I’m going to chuck these blooming orchids on the compost heap.

Perhaps they will hear me, especially if I speak very loudly.

I’ve tried everything else.


Falling on your sword

Seems to me several things are becoming obvious.

Falling on your sword is becoming fashionable. It should be.

Three comments here and a big apology.

What the hell is happening on WordPress? I now am unable to comment on sites I’ve been liking and commenting on for years. Sorry Granddad and others. People seem unable to comment on mine too. I do apologise. I found a ton of unapproved comments this morning.

And this morning I couldn’t understand the new layout of simply making a blog post! All my blogs have disappeared except two!

WordPress has made so many changes to the way it works, it is destroying itself! Maybe I should go back to Blogger. I’m really disgruntled. Any suggestions?

WordPress is killing itself blinded by its own ‘cleverness’! They could ‘fess up that they’re currently a mess.

Amber Heard should fall on her sword and accept that vengeance and spite is not ‘clever’

Putin should fall on his sword immediately by apologising for invading someone else’s country which he obviously thought was clever.

And it’s happening in Parliament in the UK in an act of Harri Kirrie by Kier Starmer and Raynor of the long legs distracting the PM allegations threatening resignation if they get Beergate fined. They seem to think falling on one’s sword is clever.

I think so.

It could change a lot of things for the better.


Of a (sotto voce) Sex-soowal Nature

Mr furlong and I laugh sometimes about how our parents and our grandparents talked about sex.

When they spoke they were very uncomfortable with the word sex. In fact they very seldom said that word. They would lower their voices and say “Its sex -soowal.”

Right now in the press, there are a lot of things of a sex-soowal nature being reported.

There’s porn in The Commons.

In Germany, there’s a precident case of imprisonment for a woman “stealing” her partner’s sperm by poking holes in the condoms.

And in the USA, we have Amber Heard discussing the most intimate details of a sex-soowal nature that YouTube content creators are loathe to mention them in case they are censored because they are so sex-soowal.

Sex with another, and our sex lives are really intimate experiences, so intimate that most people don’t actually share the very miniscule details of it. Or the urges of a sex-soowal nature that drive us to do these strange inelegant behaviours in the process.

Amber Heard is being sued by Johnny Depp for writing a defamatory article about him and contravening the silence clause in their divorce. In her opening statement she admitted to doing so.

So what’s sex got to do with it?

I’m old fashioned enough to think that certain things of an intimate, private, co-experience where two people are doing weird stuff, are too sex-soowal to discuss.

Dignity for Heard has evaporated and social media is finding her wanting.

There’s sex and there’s sex-soowal.Its strange to discover that primness is not dead but lives on!

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Vodaphone and sticky keys

Mrs Furlong (me) has a Vodaphone SIM card for my tiny tiny smart phone that I take on walks, in case, in my dotage, I fall down a bank, get assaulted, or experience any other incident needing contact with helpful people other than screaming.

The tiny phone is useful for taking photos of nice things.

Sometimes the SIM needs a top up.

I have great difficulty logging in to Vodaphone on my computer to do that.

It’s because of Vodaphones’ password situation.

They display the password as a series of dots. There is no way to view them, except as dots.

But there are some keys on my computer that stick. So I have no idea whether I have typed the correct digit or not. I now have a million passwords ‘saved’ in my saved passwords and all of them are wrong!

I haven’t a clue what my password is for Vodaphone.

I wish Vodaphone would allow us to see what we are doing.

Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot is not helpful and Vodaphone must find it very expensive retaining staff there to assist millions of users who can’t log in.

At least eight digits, uppercase, lowercase, numbers and integers, all shown to me as Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot on sticky keys has done my head in.

I am now completely unhinged.

And I still haven’t logged in to Vodaphone.


East Wind

This is the third day that this wreched East wind is blowing.

The Furlongs have had enough.

The back of our building faces North East and the wind coming from the East is a problem for us.

The dog doesn’t like it either. It blows the dog flap in and out and the constant clattering is unnerving. Our extractor fans are blowing inwards and seeing it’s also cold, that’s a pest.

We wish the East wind would change direction, or better still just go away.

Yesterday I skipped my walk because it’s beastly cold and today I might do the same. Yesterday I lost a kg and my blood sugars fell. Perhaps the same will happen today?

Who says exercise is good for you?

Walking is still painful and the worst is in the first 50 yards. After that I’m reasonably comfortable and some amount of pleasure comes to me. That is extraordinary in itself as I really hate exercise.

But exercising in the East wind today is not going to happen. I’ll shuffle around the house instead. My pedometer will tell me how far I walked.


About Veganism

Thanks for your email mentioning veganism. It’s being promoted big time. It’s highly profitable  And bad for the planet. My personal experience of being vegan for six months was my hair falling out, my nails breaking and my whole skin becoming dry and cracked. I found out it was B12 deficiency. I had to stop. To my mind the vegan way to ‘health’ showed itself to me as being unhealthy. There are thousands of people unwittingly subjecting themselves to this eating regime thinking they are benefiting the planet.

This is an illusion. Yet it even has infused the clothing and fashion industry. I have vegan shoes newly purchased. They are genuine plastic!

On a societal level promoting veganism is harmful. Humans evolved as meat eaters.  Animal husbandry is an amazing thing and doing away with it is an outrageous idea as most farmers actually care for their animals. Animals are mainly happy. Over millions of years humans have learned that every part of an animal can be used. There is no waste. Muscle, meat, organs, bones, skin provide benefit to humans, the land and plants.

It’s factory farming that should be outlawed.

Plant farmers that Vegans perceive as the future would resort to the killing of trillions of small animals and insects feeding off the new plant fields, and if we could ‘make ‘ meat artificially, it could not sustain the poor imo as the profit motive embedded in it would make it costly. 

Veganism would hugely profit the chemical industries. Our plants can be genetically engineered or poisoned. Already plants produce toxins on reaping as their defence against being eaten. Added to the spraying and soil fertilisation, huge swathes of agricultural territories would have soil depletion. The world might not be covered with lovely organic farms covered with rainbows and peace loving farmers.

Veganism would upset the fine balance of interspecies co-operation as many understand it.

On a vast scale, spiritually, we inhabited this planet in group cooperation. The planet would host evolution and development out of its ‘body’ so to speak. A sacrificial role. The plants would feed other creatures and heal them. A sacrificial role. Animals would eat and feed each other. A sacrificial role. The profits for that cooperation acrue to the survivors. The sacrifices acrue to the continuation of evolving consciousness in the never ending cycle of life and death of every form from atoms to humans.

Eating plants is as much an act of cruelty to my understanding than eating an animal.

The soil, rocks, mountains, the wind, rain, plants, animals, the air, water,  elements, light, sound, cosmos, consciousness, everything totally works together. It is a fantastic dance of creation even though to our human eyes it appears ruthless.

Humans are very strange creatures. I know, because I am one! I see how commercial greed, personal greed, reputational greed and the cardinal sins of gluttony, lust, avarice, anger, sloth, sadness, vainglory, and pride steer us.

It’s a shame that our human nature makes us buy into it all.

Keep eating meat!

With love,



New glasses

I presume everyone who wears glasses goes annually for an eye check.

Well the Furlongs’ do.

Interesting things happen when we go for eyechecks.

In 2019 I met two old people who adopted retired Greyhounds sitting there in comfy chairs with their newest dog. We had a memorable dog chat.

My old lenses were fine, so I didn’t get new glasses.

2020 there were no eyechecks because of Covid.

My old glasses were fine, so I didn’t need new ones.

2021 we were the very first customers after the Christmas hols. The place was utterly freezing. You could hear everyone’s teeth chattering. Covid was raging; the comfy chairs had been changed to hard white plastic.

My old lenses were fine, so I didn’t get new glasses.

2022 Mr Furlong said ,”Don’t fall down the stairs”. The entrance has a step down, a most dreadfully heavy fire door and then another step down. And this time I had a stick in one hand and my old glasses in my left hand. I almost fell down the stairs.

My old glasses were fine evidently, so I didn’t get new ones.

I’ve had my glasses frames since about 2004. They were extra special, my first. They are absolutely unique made by an artist in Germany and made of the then ‘new,’ titanium. They have been trampled on in a mud puddle during a fireworks show, sat apon, dropped down the loo, gnawed on by the dog, the grandkids and had many other adventures.

Occasionally they have had new lenses.

In a year or so they will be twenty years old..

But Mr Furlong is getting new frames. They look exactly the same as his old ones, except they are made of titanium.

That ought to do for the next twenty years!

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Carnivore diet revisited

Three years ago, I experimented with myself by going on a Carnivore Diet. I did it for a month. But I stopped because I felt it was ‘unnatural’ to eat only animals even though in my aim to reduce my blood sugar levels, it was super successful.

My proof post.

Since then, I have read much about the Carnivore Diet but not tried it, and despite being a small eater and avoiding sugar and starch on the whole, my blood sugar levels have crept up and my last Hba1c puts me in the diabetic category.

This time, I am doing Carnivore for my pain. I am told that we CAN do something for cartiledge and arthritic bones by upping our intake of real bones and cartilage and collagen. It can take a long time, but people have done it. So this time, Carnivore is long term for me. Also, it is super dramatic for inflammatory conditions.

After a month, I notice small things. My hearing aids are too loud. My glasses are all wrong. Some ‘lady conditions’ have disappeared. My blood sugar is down. I feel good, energetic and sharp of mind.

On the Furlongs’ stove is a pot of bone broth. Every bone goes into it and nothing else. It’s delicious! Cream of bone broth consists of bone broth with added double cream to the cup.

On Carnivore, if it comes from a creature, you can eat it. I reckon a mushroom is neither plant nor animal, so I add some mushrooms now and again.

Eat fat. Lots.

Shun commercial food.

On Carnivore ( and Keto) fat is the fuel, not sugar which comes from carbohydrates in fruit and vegetables, or flour.

The trigger for shoving me on the Carnivore path was the curious thing I noticed about my pain. Daily I was drinking a healthy ‘green’ drink of blitzed celery, spinach or leafy greens, garlic, peppers, carrot and cucumber. Now and again I would forget. The following day was always a good day.

So I tested it out. I stopped my green juice. And did it in reverse. The day after a green juice day, was always a bad day! The vegetable blitz was making my pain worse.

So where am I now?

My pain is reduced, but still there. I walk everyday to excercise. Yesterday, instead of hobbling up and down the little road at the back with my stick, I walked right around the block carrying my stick most of the way instead of using it.