The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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FEED the birds in Summer

There is a myth that in Summer you should not feed the birds. The Summer is a time of fullness and blossoming. Continue reading


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Lesson learned

The Furlongs have a blackbird family that are feeding their young. Continue reading

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Oh – rage again

Oh, I hate myself!

I have just been abusive to Mr Furlong – again. Continue reading


Beautiful vermin

This morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a squirrel in our garden – a sort of brownish chap. Continue reading

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Wow – a flock!

I was standing at the kitchen window when a stunning event happened. Continue reading


Confirmed – speeches at weddings are bad for blood glucose levels – Bishop Curry to blame.

The Furlongs had a bash.

For the Royal Wedding.

We watched it on TV. Continue reading


Basketball champ

The Furlong granddaughter comes here every Friday afternoon. We went for a walk. We ended up on the grassy field behind our home where occasionally some boys in a nearby house kick a ball about. Sometimes they leave the balls there.  Continue reading