The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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How to ruin your holiday with technology

There are some things I am not enjoying.

I thought I’d make a list. Continue reading

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Everywhere is UP or DOWN here

Everywhere is UP or DOWN here. It’s killing my knees! I have always struggled with DOWN. The heat has been draining when we first arrived and I’m eating the wrong food and too much of it. Everything seems an enormous effort! Continue reading

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A chapter of technological accidents

At last, after a blistering email to our mobile phone provider, they set our phones for roaming. So, if there were an emergency – we can phone or text ( but no data). We wandered around for days here trying to get a signal on our phones. It never occurred to me that our phone provider hadn’t unlocked our phones for roaming. I got our son-in-law to phone them and remind them we were in France. But they said I had to phone them myself. It’s amazing how words just pour from my fingertips when I’m angry. My seering email did the trick. Continue reading


Relying on God

The basic need in life – the Internet

Last time we came to France, there was internet in our apartment. But now there is none as apart from us, no one is going to use, or has used the flat more or less the whole year, It’s not worth it to pay thirty to forty Euros every month for something that no one is using. Continue reading

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Fright in the forest

Mr Furlong has a bad relationship with Satnavs. He shouts they are wrong. He shouts”NO” and then does his own thing. Leaving Nice in our duck egg blue/green hired car on a road we partially knew, we got further and further into unknown territory with Mr Furlong shouting “No!” every time Satnav told us to get off the motorway. Continue reading

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Walking the train, running for the plane

The Furlongs are in France. The journey over here had three stages.

Getting late,

Getting later

Getting very late. (another post). Continue reading

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Here today, gone tomorrow

This might be my last post for a while.

Last year, I posted stuff while we were in France, but this year, I’m leaving my computer behind and we are taking only one laptop – the lightest and thinnest! Last year we had internet access in our apartment, but this year, we have to roam to get it. There will be plenty of free wifi spots around us, but I’m going to release myself from blogger pressure by saying I’m taking a break.

Here are some of the posts I made last year in May. 

So this blog will be erratic. Thanks so much for following it!

à bientôt

This is the place we will be – Perched Towns