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Ho Hum, the news is fun

This morning I learned that a post menopausal woman had a baby Link Continue reading



When she’s seventy two…

At the hydrotherapy pool, there are always sports people who are bionic people really – modified – titanium through and through – who messed themselves up with exercise. Some of them have or have had terrible sciatica. They tell me so. Continue reading



I have just finished my last bottle of Hazelnut flavouring for vaping with. Continue reading

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I’m in administration

The solicitors Grumpy and Cross Ltd. have moved in.

They have taken over the Sciatica situation. Continue reading

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Sops from Ofcom

I have said this before – but I’ll say it again.

Years ago, I worked in a department store in the UK. The “law” was that business should employ 10% disabled people on their staff.

There was me, paralysed down the left side, Brian (names changed) with a terrible squint and vision problems, Edna, paralysed down the right side, John who had funny feet and who walked with a stick, and some others who I can’t remember.

We had fun with our disability. We used to make a grand entrance after our lunch break (which we planned to have together) down the elegant staircase that lead to the shop floor. Squint first, stick hobble after and then left limp and right limp side by side swaying down the steps with the rest of the 10% coming along behind. We knew we looked right royal twits but got great pleasure in our brazenness.  We also knew we’d been employed out of political correctness. We were disabled not stupid!

It makes me cringe that black, gay, disabled, female and other victims of discrimination don’t see that they are being patronised. Sops are thrown to them.

Yesterday Ofcom threw out some sops. 

Broadcasters are failing to represent society with a lack of diversity among staff, Ofcom has warned.

The broadcasting watchdog says women, ethnic minority groups and disabled people are all under-represented.



Thank goodness for science – our water

Looks GOOD I know we have about the best water in the whole of the UK. I know there was a huge kerfuffle when some idiot suggested we put fluoride in our water. A quick, efficient protest put a stop to that!  Continue reading


Tim Farron – not in our name!

Our area voted hugely in favour of LEAVING the EU.

Here is the list of Members of Parliament who voted to BLOCK night before last’s  parliamentary bill. Continue reading