The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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My mother had a fashionable (and wealthy) friend. She bought Paris fashions for special events. She loved Balmain. Continue reading


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Mr Furlong came home from collecting his medication at the medical centre. The miracle was, that for the first time since we have been living ‘in town’ here, it was CORRECT! Continue reading

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Morning has broken – not a cloud in the sky!

Oh, perfect day!

Not a cloud to be seen.

Sunshine! SUNSHINE! Wow. Continue reading

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Oh! The smell of spring..

This morning, I remembered how it was my custom to open the kitchen door as soon as I got up in the new day and let Bobby-the-dog out into the garden for his morning ablutions. Continue reading


A meditation on curiosity

I found this inspirational video animated by one man and his wife. Somehow, I was impelled by the beautiful graphics to watch it to the end. It’s a story about how curiosity drives us.

Curiosity must be one of life’s amazing gifts! There’s always an adventure awaiting the curious, yes? Continue reading


Celebrations! Zuma has gone

Well, the Southern African swamp is being drained.

Zuma has gone. They call him Mr Teflon.

Why? Because nothing sticks! Continue reading


Two birds with one dog

I offered Bobby-the-now-dead Furlong’s dog’s stuff/material possessions on Freegle. There were so MANY would be takers, we were astonished. Continue reading