The Last Furlong

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Old as the hills – the casting couch

I see tons of articles about Harvey Weinstein. (this list is worth scrolling through and feeling shocked at his massive manipulative power.)

Every man who knew and who now expresses shock is actually complicit. Shame on you all. Continue reading



I won’t do it!

There are some things about the Internet I simply refuse to do.

I won’t listen to any video with an automated voice. This is a ghastly example. Continue reading

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Your morning coffee

Let me cheer myself up, with a delicious cup of coffee.

This is very clever and – artistic? Yes! Continue reading


Something very strange about Vegas

“Multiple shooters one at gate 7 and one on level 29 and one on level 32 at Mandalay Bay”

“Shots coming from the middle of the building”

TWO shooting locations confirmed – Ali Baba is the other – about 47 minutes in.

From original police broadcast. Link.

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Oh pooh, rubbish and bollocks

The first off Strictly Come Dancing is a large black woman and it has sparked ‘racist’ allegations.  Continue reading


It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday today.

I have no time to actually enjoy my birthday. My mailbox is full, Whatsapp is full, Twitter is full, Facebook is full, Jaquie Lawson Cards is working overtime and I’m exhausted.

I didn’t know I knew so MANY people!

Some of them really do love me.

That’s nice.

Image result for Pulsing heart  gif image



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The thlot plickens

I mentioned Chloe Ayling in  post in August. There was something ‘funny’ about her kidnap, but, with everyone else who was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, I did too.

I still think there was something ‘funny’. Continue reading