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“Public Health” – Christopher Snowdon – thank you!

It really is about time people spoke up!

Here’s one who does – Christopher Snowdon – whose new book Killjoys is downloadable FREE here Continue reading


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A partridge in a shoplifting vest

Our daughter drew our attention today to the shoplifting that goes on in Africa. She sent intriguing videos of the skill on Whatsapp. I can’t find a way to put them here. So I had to resort to YouTube for this post. Continue reading


My mother and her archaeology

In 1946/47, my mother and father spent a year in the States.  He was topping up a science degree and she was touring, lecturing on South Africa. Continue reading

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Strictly dreadful.

Mr Furlong and I watch Strictly Come Dancing. Continue reading

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Exit silly old bugger, enter crafty old croc

Seems the old crocodile is at work!

The fired deputy president (nicknamed The Crocodile)  wants to be president. But he cannot be legitimate if he takes power by a Coup. Continue reading


When is a coup not a coup?

When is a coup not a coup? Continue reading

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A movie to dull the mind and uplift the soul

Here is the trailer, followed by the actual movie (eight hours) – enjoy! Continue reading