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Simple pleasures, then and now

I’ve never been a fan of ventriloquists and their ‘dolls’. Not then, not now. Continue reading


Facepalm Facebook – DELETE

These old Furlongs deactivated their Facebook Accounts. But we STILL get notifications constantly, even though we “unsubscribe”. I had two accounts – a personal one and one under another name for promoting vaping. And another for work when I taught hearing impaired computer students how to set up a Facebook account. I don’t know whether that one is still floating around on the ethers…. Continue reading

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Precious poo

Have you ever thought of World Leaders or Heads of States’ poo? Continue reading

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War Drums – meditation

I hear the drums of war in the announcements of Governments.  And in the Press. Continue reading


Chicken Likken – cluck cluck cluck

In the olden days, clucking took much longer to spread around the world. But, with modern technology – it’s pretty speedy. We see it here in the UK. A person says some inconsequential thing, and in a flash, it is transformed into a career crashing faux pas. Or they produce an idea – that becomes a buzzword…. Continue reading

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Twiddling the mouse

If you have nothing better to do today, and you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs, you could uplift yourself by watching this GIF. I found it whilst switching phones yesterday. It was the very first GIF image I ever saw way back in the nineties. I still like it! Continue reading


On the stupidity of man – a meditation

I remember watching this many years ago. It’s still good. This channel alone has had almost ten million views – and this video appears elsewhere too.  Continue reading

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Mr Furlong came home from collecting his medication at the medical centre. The miracle was, that for the first time since we have been living ‘in town’ here, it was CORRECT! Continue reading

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Like White

Mr furlong and I watched a program called ‘The Cosmetic Capital of the World’  – no – it might have been called ‘The Plastic Surgery Capital of the world’ – South Korea. Continue reading

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“Public Health” – Christopher Snowdon – thank you!

It really is about time people spoke up!

Here’s one who does – Christopher Snowdon – whose new book Killjoys is downloadable FREE here Continue reading