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The health MOT

My annual health MOT has been done. The last one was eighteen months ago. Here, in the North West of the UK, our doctors seem to be shunnelling patients through as pretty much usual now, despite the inconvenience of masks and single patients per buulding as we move along in the new Covid19 age.

Lots of face to face talking is done on the phone, or skype or zoom. Everyone I know waiting for cancer ops has been done. And should you suspect something nasty is taking hold, you can have real blood tests and a real live doctor look at you. And go to a real, live hospital.

Recently Mr Furlong had a heart scare. Mr Furlong has a ‘heart’ condition. He got to see a doctor chop chop. No complaints about the National Health Service here.

So, despite being late on my health MOT, I’ve had it. For that, I had to actually be seen by the Nurse Practitioner. My admiration for her is immense. She wears that mask all day and used her eyes to communicate. Big eyes for listening, squeezy eyes smiling, frowny eyes in agreement. Rolly eyes for sympathy.

I’m glad I saw her. She takes blood with the least pain. I got measured, weighed, and tested.

A week later she phoned to discuss my results. I saw my results beforehand on Patient Access. Patient Access is a neat app that allows you to research your own medical history.

During lockdown I ate. And ate. I convinced myself that if I had only been prediabetic beforehand, I was now actually diabetic. I convinced the Nurse Practitioner too.

Well, I think the Nurse Practitioner was just as surprised as me to find that EVERYTHING about me is EXACTLY the same as my last MOT, eighteen months ago.


No! Thats not true. My cholesterol has gone down.

The birthday approaches. I dislike birthdays. No wonder everyone wishes you a ‘happy’ one. Why else would they unless there was something nasty about birthdays?

But being the same in every way as I was one and a half years ago, seems a good result to me. It’s the sort of birthday present I like.


Type two diabetes – my results from my Carnivore experiment

This is the last time I will bore my readers with my diabetes blood sugar.

I have been on a Carnivore diet for all this month. Before that, I was already on a low carb, ketogenic diet. I fast from supper to noon the next day when I have lunch. I think that makes switching easier…..The day after I started only eating meat and animal products and no carbs, my blood sugars dropped from 8 plus mmol, 9 plus mmol and sometimes more on every test, to 6.5 mmol. I was impressed.

But then after time, I got readings on my monitor in the 5 mmol region.

Side effects from switching to Carnivore, are headaches in the beginning, and physical weakness. But eventually, my mood shifted, my energy returned. I am feeling the best I have felt for a long time. My old age depression has lifted, and I’ve even started gardening again.

Yesterday, my reading on my monitor, was 4.9 mmol.



It’s a puzzlement – blood sugar

Mr Furlong is diabetic. He controls his blood sugar with a minuscule amount of insulin and diet. He tried “The Starch Solution” which is contrary to any advice by any mainstream dietary guidance. He eats carbohydrates!

He eats potatoes, pasta, vegetables, pitta breads and oats, rice and home cooked foods. He does not eat commercial stuff. His blood sugars are brilliant and over the last eighteen months he has lost eighteen kilos.

I used to be a peripheral diabetic that orbited in and out of diabetes. I found “The Starch Solution” and used it for a year. It is “no fats” food and my hair and nails got brittle because of a lack of B12. So I dumped it. But on it, my blood sugar was good.

In January, I was OK. Since then, I’ve gone to pot! I’ve been on Paleo and Keto since then, both of which I’ve tried before. If I don’t get on top of this blood sugar thing, I’m going to be classified a real diabetic.

For three days, I’ve dropped protein/meat/eggs/fish etc. I’ve upped the carbs. Hey presto! My sugar has dropped to January levels.

I might join Mr Furlong and munch potatoes and pasta. But this time I’m adding olive oils and coconut oil, as he does, and take some B12.

Blood sugars? They’re a puzzlement.


Confirmed – speeches at weddings are bad for blood glucose levels – Bishop Curry to blame.

The Furlongs had a bash.

For the Royal Wedding.

We watched it on TV. Continue reading

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Noakes found not guilty

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The Banting Pocket Guide

I’m going to buy a book,

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This old house and high blood sugar

If you follow my blog, you will know I cannot fathom what the hell has gone wrong with my blood sugar which has risen since we moved into our tiny new flat, here, in July last year.

It’s a puzzlement! Continue reading

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Battle blues, blood, bodies and brains

Mr Furlong and I are going to Provence on the Cote d’Azur in France again in May. I blogged at the beginning of 2016 about that. When we arrived at our apartment in Tourrettes Var, then, our diabetes was reasonably under control. But this Furlong disgraced herself by hogging bottles of Nutella. Well, Hazelnuts are very good food actually – did you know? But the 50% sugar content was a pity. Continue reading

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2017 – maybe things we could do

2016 was a good year for The Furlongs I think.

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