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Parliamentary passion

Yesterday this video was passed around of the Ugandan Parliament violence. Don’t think it only happens there – the video that follows it shows that Parliamentarians are no better than us ordinary folk. A good punch up has been our thing for many thousands of years.

Evolution? Yes!

We now do it in suits! Continue reading

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Today’s geography

I get so muddled as to which middle eastern country is where, I need to refer to a map.  Continue reading


It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday today.

I have no time to actually enjoy my birthday. My mailbox is full, Whatsapp is full, Twitter is full, Facebook is full, Jaquie Lawson Cards is working overtime and I’m exhausted.

I didn’t know I knew so MANY people!

Some of them really do love me.

That’s nice.

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Political Speech by an expert

Mr Furlong reminded me of how you could say nothing at all, expertly!


My friends, in the light of present-day developments let me say right away that I do not regard existing conditions likely. On the contrary, I have always regarded them as subjects of the gravest responsibility and shall ever continue to do so. Indeed, I will go further and state quite categorically that I am more than sensible of the (exact) definition of the precise issues which are at this very moment concerning us all. We must build, but we must build surely. Hear, hear! – Let me say just this: If any part of what I am saying is challenged, then I am more than ready to meet such a challenge. For I have no doubt whatsoever that whatever I may have said in the past, or what I am saying now, is the exact, literal and absolute truth as to the state (?) of the case. – Hear, hear! -I put it to you that this is not the time for vague promises of better things to come. For, if I were to convey to you a spirit of false optimism, then I should be neither fair to you nor true to myself. But does this mean, I hear you cry, that we can no longer look forward to the future that is to come? Certainly not! Voice from the audience: What about the workers? “What about the workers?”; indeed sir! Grasp, I beseech you, with both hands [Aside: I’m so sorry, I beg your pardon, madam.] the opportunities that are offered. Let us assume a bold front and go forward together. Let us carry the fight [noise of a blow being struck] against ignorance to the four corners of the earth because it is a fight which concerns us all. Now, finally my friends, in conclusion, let me say just this: [BIG SILENCE !!!]
Peter Sellers

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The thlot plickens

I mentioned Chloe Ayling in  post in August. There was something ‘funny’ about her kidnap, but, with everyone else who was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, I did too.

I still think there was something ‘funny’. Continue reading


The Rapture and all that jazz

Today is the day of The Rapture,  or it could be Niribu crashing into our planet, or nuclear war.

This Furlong is old. She has seen many dates for the end-of-the-world come and go – many sandwich boards in streets, many sermons. Continue reading



This Furlong has noticed how we are speeding up – in what we see and hear on the Media, in new words, faster internet, apps, searches, deliveries and life in general.

She doesn’t like it. She’s just slowing down, and loving it. Continue reading


Ho Hum, the news is fun

This morning I learned that a post menopausal woman had a baby Link Continue reading


When she’s seventy two…

At the hydrotherapy pool, there are always sports people who are bionic people really – modified – titanium through and through – who messed themselves up with exercise. Some of them have or have had terrible sciatica. They tell me so. Continue reading



I have just finished my last bottle of Hazelnut flavouring for vaping with. Continue reading