The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Grief about our chairs

Twenty years ago, us old Furlongs bought two genuine Lazyboy recliners second-hand – genuine originals, – a lighter lady-chair and a heavier man-chair. We had them re-covered in a very good blue boucle dralon. We thought it cost a fortune at the time. Continue reading


Dunno about the dog

If you are following this blog, it teeters from serious to superficial to ridiculous.

This is just a superficial post. The Furlong dog has been clipped.  Continue reading


Paleo dog hair

Yorkshire Terriers, and some other kinds of dogs too, do not have fur. They have hair – like humans. They are especially good dogs for people with dog allergies for this reason. Most dogs have an undercoat under their “hair”. I know you get combs that strip off the outer hair to show the undercoat. Westies – West Highland Whites – have this done to them.  Continue reading

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Serious stuff – over medication – statins and other frauds

This is an excellent article from the World’s most popular on-line newspaper.

It’s all about how  experts, led by NHS cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, claim that too often patients are given useless – and sometimes harmful – drugs that they do not need. Continue reading

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Intimations of spring and a haircut

I find, astonishingly – MOST astonishingly because I wouldn’t have believed it – that time has flown. We last had the Furlong dog trimmed over a year ago! Continue reading

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Our future persons – politicians, fathers, leaders?

One of the Furlong grandchildren likes the British band “Bring me the horizon” – so I’ve been watching and listening to their music videos.  Continue reading


Short or long?

The Furlong dog needs clipping. So do us human Furlongs – the hairdresser comes to our house which is most convenient.

But it’s winter, and dog might get cold. Also I prefer the long hair, but Mr Furlong prefers the clipped look. What to do? Clipped is much easier to look after…so to clip, or not to clip – that is the question. Continue reading

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Science two ways

Scientists talk about us having no free will.

They say this because the brain registers the response you are going to make, seconds before you actually make it.

So to one lot of scientists this means we have no free will – the brain has already decided before you responded. Continue reading


Our special dolls

Elena’s comment on my post a few days ago about her doll – a baby doll, that did nothing in particular, reminded me of the dolls my sister and I were given by our mother.

After the war, she spent a year in the USA with my father. They travelled there and back on a troop-carrier from Africa. Continue reading

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I have seen a UFO – a real one – ALIEN! We used to live in an area where there were many reported sightings. And it was continents away from the United States of America, who always seem to claim what you saw was one of their “test” craft! Continue reading