The Last Furlong

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Grief about our chairs

Twenty years ago, us old Furlongs bought two genuine Lazyboy recliners second-hand – genuine originals, – a lighter lady-chair and a heavier man-chair. We had them re-covered in a very good blue boucle dralon. We thought it cost a fortune at the time. Continue reading



Dunno about the dog

If you are following this blog, it teeters from serious to superficial to ridiculous.

This is just a superficial post. The Furlong dog has been clipped.  Continue reading


Paleo dog hair

Yorkshire Terriers, and some other kinds of dogs too, do not have fur. They have hair – like humans. They are especially good dogs for people with dog allergies for this reason. Most dogs have an undercoat under their “hair”. I know you get combs that strip off the outer hair to show the undercoat. Westies – West Highland Whites – have this done to them.  Continue reading

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Serious stuff – over medication – statins and other frauds

This is an excellent article from the World’s most popular on-line newspaper.

It’s all about how  experts, led by NHS cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, claim that too often patients are given useless – and sometimes harmful – drugs that they do not need. Continue reading

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Intimations of spring and a haircut

I find, astonishingly – MOST astonishingly because I wouldn’t have believed it – that time has flown. We last had the Furlong dog trimmed over a year ago! Continue reading

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Our future persons – politicians, fathers, leaders?

One of the Furlong grandchildren likes the British band “Bring me the horizon” – so I’ve been watching and listening to their music videos.  Continue reading


Short or long?

The Furlong dog needs clipping. So do us human Furlongs – the hairdresser comes to our house which is most convenient.

But it’s winter, and dog might get cold. Also I prefer the long hair, but Mr Furlong prefers the clipped look. What to do? Clipped is much easier to look after…so to clip, or not to clip – that is the question. Continue reading