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How Clothes Are Made Meditation

This is a meditation for today!

Have you ever watched/contemplated the ingenuity, care, and absolute miracle of The Industrial Revolution in action? Do we have reverance for the tee shirt, the jeans, the dress or skirt that we are wearing today?

Our ingenuity is actually fantastic in the scope of miraculousness, to me. No longer do spinsters sit at their doors spinning yarn all day. No longer do serfs do the heavy tilling and ploughing. No longer do slaves pick cotton in the South.

Machines do it. Machines intricately designed by the skills of civilisation – Science, Math, Engineering, Investment.

I think it’s bloody amazing!

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Terrify yourself

Here is a frightening meditation for today….

If this little video doesn’t terrify you, then I don’t know what will!

Think on it. Continue reading

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Post-Modern Maths

We are being plagued by Post Modernism. New Feminism, Gender Politics, Race Politics and more are a part of this movement. So now our cultural landscape is littered with victims of all kinds. Being a victim of something is the new IN. Its essential, actually. Stoicism, patience, endurance, or real education in the ‘old’ culture is OUT.  That’s considered just studying stuff imposed on humanity by white males. Continue reading

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Precious poo

Have you ever thought of World Leaders or Heads of States’ poo? Continue reading

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Take comfort for your health

You probably know that some hikers in the Alps in the 1990’s  found the frozen body of an ancient corpse – from thousands of years ago.  He’d been murdered. He’s called Otzi. Details about Otzi here 

You probably know that the Furlongs have followed the Paleo diet, and the Plant based diet to improve their health. Mr Furlong has a heart condition.  Continue reading

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Vaping Science

I have been vaping since 2011.

Before that I smoked for fifty years. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Alfie Evans

There is no grey matter in most of Alfie’s skull the doctors say. He cannot be ‘alive’, cannot function without it. They do not know the cause of his condition, and there is no cure. Continue reading


Do you know the answer? It’s not anywhere I can find…

If you bomb a chemical weapon facility as England France and the USA have just done, what happens to the chemicals in the weapons?

Do they simply evaporate safely, blown to dust, never to be seen again?


Do they rise into the air and settle back down as a toxic compound in a vast radius around the bombing?

What happens to the chemicals in the weapons, once the weapons and chemical producing facility has been blown up? Answers welcomed!



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This Furlong has new hearing aids. Continue reading

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Absorbing Culture

This Furlong was a History major. I was horrified a few years ago when I was at the hairdresser. I made a joke about Marie Antoinette going grey overnight. My hairdresser, fresh out of education, said “Who is Marie Antoinette?” Continue reading