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How you know you are getting old

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The Furlongs who live in this house flat, are aware we are getting old.

Do we feel old? Not mostly.

We FEEL the same as we have always done – just like “us”. 

But Mr Furlong says he thinks he feels old in the morning. It takes his body a while to loosen up. I take after my mother – just get up and go. Only where I go is interesting. I grab my computer and phone and go back to bed! I work very hard in the morning.

But other people show you they think you are getting old. They offer you the most comfy chair, or alternately, the highest chair that they point out is easy to get out of. They let you go first through an entrance, or hold the door in case you are too frail to do so. They offer to “help” you open your umbrella, open car doors, tell you to sit in the front, help you with your safety belt.

So, yes – we must obviously be getting old.

What a pity.  I feel that NOW is the happiest time of my life. Getting old can mean getting happy, I think. So I hope I just stay old for a long time.

Oh – you also know you are old, when your friends who are younger, send you uplifting videos about –

getting old!

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