The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Waste on the NHS

If I were in charge of the National Health Service, I would stop the WASTE. Continue reading


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I have found that being a blogger is quite a challenge, especially if your blogs are so totally different, they seem not to be written by the same person. Continue reading


Air Ambulance

There was a horrible accident in our town recently. Someone fell and seriously damaged their head. Continue reading

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The aging population revealed

I have hated the term that we are constantly hearing “the aging population”. But I have had the wrong concept of what it means. Continue reading

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The Howgills

Mr Furlong and I live amongst The Howgills. Continue reading

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Saving money in the NHS

If you follow the Furlong blog, you will know our youngest granddaughter was born with terrible eczema. Imagine what it feels like to itch, burn and sting all over your body, day and night with no respite.  Continue reading


Tidal wave dreams

I had a terrible dream the other night. It was all about getting caught in a tidal wave – two actually. Continue reading