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All wired up

This bloody piriformis sciatica is driving me crazy. I’m losing my life to it! There are wonderful plants in my garden all flowering and I’m missing working with them. Illegal immigrants have invaded sections and shortly, they are going to take over. My friend over-the-road says “Don’t worry, weeds are easier to pull out when they are large”! Continue reading

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Medicines in the UK.

When The Old Furlongs arrived in the UK from Africa twenty years ago,  most of our children were already here. Mr Furlong ‘came home’ . ‘Home’ was nothing like we had imagined it to be. It wasn’t ‘England’ as romanced through our childhoods. Continue reading

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Millennial inspiration video today

I want some upliftment from my slough of depression/bed of pain.

I need to laugh.

Join me! AwakenWithJP Continue reading

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MY Urtication studies

I was going tell you today what people do with using nettles for pain

They don’t tell the doctor, in case he laughs at them. Link Continue reading


Pills x x x Urtify? + + +

In 2013 I wrote a post on my blog Life on an alien planet – The secret is in the sting. 

I have been using stinging nettles to urtify my back for three days – and again, the result is miraculous. My pain is hugely reduced. In ‘The secret is in the sting’ post, there are links to more information about urtification. Please read it. Continue reading


Pills +++

I phoned to see if an X Ray on my butt would give a better indication of the source of my pain. Continue reading


Reality for Charlie

Arturito Estopiñan , the American child with ‘Charlie Gard’s’ mitochondrial disease RRM2B – has a different form of the disease. He developed symptoms at fourteen months – he was already an active, walking child. Charlie Gard stopped developing at two months. Continue reading