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The dog and the pacemaker

My last post was about how our dog was so desperate to get to our poor guest, that he barked incessantly and desperately tried to LUUV the poor chap.

It was only when I asked what it could be that had altered our friend’s vibes since we last saw him, that our guest revealed he had just had a pacemaker fitted.

He had, literally only just had a pacemaker fitted. He was wearing the hospital dressing over the wound and was careful not to lift his arm.

I think the dog knew our guest was “wounded”. He knew it by smell.

If Mr Furlong or I have “wounded” ourselves, we have a job to stop Bass from licking us better!

I researched whether pacemakers emit sound. They don’t seem to. The latest pacemakers can transmit information, even over a phone, but dogs don’t seem distressed by our routers or mobile phones and those transmit data all the time.

So I think our dog knew our friend was wounded. He was doing his best to let us know.

However, there are many many stories of cats and pacemakers. They know. A cat has a purring healing mechanism so they lie on their pacemakered humans. Cats are masters of hearing. Maybe they hear the heartbeat?

There don’t seem to be accounts of dogs doing the same.

Dogs however, are masters of smell. I think our dog Bass smelled a wounded man….

Don’t you?

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Qi gong

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It’s a puzzlement – here today, gone tomorrow

Lung cancer rates are rising in non smokers.

Yet smoking rates are dropping.Smokers are banned from smoking in indoor places in most countries. So why are lung cancer rates rising? Continue reading

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Let it happen – Alan Watts

I really enjoy listening to Alan Watts.  This time of year, with everyone tearing around, stressed, anxious, over taxed, something like listening to Alan Watts talking about  tzu jan (letting it happen by itself) might be most comforting.

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Does my bum look big in this?

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I fall, I sore

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Feeding the five thousand

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