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Me too

Since Weinstein broke  women are tweeting “Me too” in consolidation with our very abused oppressed and downtrodden sex – or is it gender? – I don’t know anymore…being harassed and abused by men. Continue reading



Neck resolution – is it possible?

After I got stuck in my clothes yesterday, I could hardly move my head without pain.  Continue reading

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Today’s geography

I get so muddled as to which middle eastern country is where, I need to refer to a map.  Continue reading

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I’m in administration

The solicitors Grumpy and Cross Ltd. have moved in.

They have taken over the Sciatica situation. Continue reading


Thank goodness for science – our water

Looks GOOD I know we have about the best water in the whole of the UK. I know there was a huge kerfuffle when some idiot suggested we put fluoride in our water. A quick, efficient protest put a stop to that!  Continue reading


Looking for love

I was amused to read Head Rambles blog post about how he disliked his son-in-law. It’s very funny, and the Furlongs have been there. Currently we like our sons-in-law.  Continue reading


It’s official – it’s science – God does you good

I am so absolutely tired of scientist ‘trashing’ religion as Richard Dawkins has done so obsessively for an interminably long time (it seems).  Continue reading