The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Some people don’t get much attention

What do you do when you feel you’ve not been appreciated? Well, you break free! Continue reading

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Qi gong

These old Furlongs go to Tai Chi on a Tuesday evening. It’s called Tai Chi, but we do about forty five minutes of Qi Gong to begin with. I like the Qi Gong much better than the Tai Chi we end with. Continue reading

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Animal pride

I suppose we have always been thus. But with the assistance of technology, we can decorate our pets in a greater variety of ways than we could in the past. Continue reading

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On being right

A Furlong daughter popped in for coffee yesterday.

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Post-Modern Maths

We are being plagued by Post Modernism. New Feminism, Gender Politics, Race Politics and more are a part of this movement. So now our cultural landscape is littered with victims of all kinds. Being a victim of something is the new IN. Its essential, actually. Stoicism, patience, endurance, or real education in the ‘old’ culture is OUT.  That’s considered just studying stuff imposed on humanity by white males. Continue reading



This morning I saw one bird at the bird feeders – one. Continue reading

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Not what I intended

I woke up chipper this morning – it’s cooler. I even saw a bird! Since the start of the drought and the continual sunshine, they have been missing. It’s quite unnerving. Before we went away the feeders were full – full – of little birds and when we got back they were gone; and my pansies were burnt to a crisp. Continue reading

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Take comfort for your health

You probably know that some hikers in the Alps in the 1990’s  found the frozen body of an ancient corpse – from thousands of years ago.  He’d been murdered. He’s called Otzi. Details about Otzi here 

You probably know that the Furlongs have followed the Paleo diet, and the Plant based diet to improve their health. Mr Furlong has a heart condition.  Continue reading


In praise of fur

This morning I saw my face. I took the trouble to polish the mirror I use to put my makeup on. Continue reading


Basketball champ

The Furlong granddaughter comes here every Friday afternoon. We went for a walk. We ended up on the grassy field behind our home where occasionally some boys in a nearby house kick a ball about. Sometimes they leave the balls there.  Continue reading