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A different place, a different time

These old Furlongs grew up and lived, loved, and worked in a different place, at a different time.

I write several blogs because

But today, I will write, here, about why the old Furlongs are made of different stuff.

We are not ‘victims’ – never have been. We grew up in Africa, where there are REAL victims.

We experienced real stuff. Ugly stuff. Our ideas about life are different from most other people’s.

In the UK, people have it really good, whatever their colour, religion, gender, political leanings. OK, some things could and should be improved, but compared to real stuff in other countries – life is good here.

The west is going soft in the head. Victimhood is the IN. Every day someone finds another injustice to whine about.

Now, we’ve REALLY gone potty.

Robert Mugabe has been made the All-Africa Representative for the World Health Organisation’s ‘Smokefree’ initiative.

For God’s sake! What ARE people thinking! Robert Mugabe!

On his rise to power, he had a little trick to get voters.

Unless you voted FOR him, you’d get a hot coal pushed down your throat.



Imagine having a burning coal from your own fire/village fire,  shoved down your throat, as you were pinned down by Mugabe thugs, because you were not a supporter.

Mugabe mustered up thousands and thousands of recanted supporters that way. You just have to do that once in one village, and the whole village is converted. But there are many, many villages in Africa, as you go about on your political campaign.

The deaths must have been terrible. Savage.

Do you think Mugabe gives a fuck about ‘Smokefree’ or ‘healthy’ Africa?

Mugabe’s role will be to encourage policies aimed at reducing peoples’ exposure to the main risk factors – tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diets and lack of exercise.

Mugabe: WHO Role Model Of The Month


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Me too

Since Weinstein broke  women are tweeting “Me too” in consolidation with our very abused oppressed and downtrodden sex – or is it gender? – I don’t know anymore…being harassed and abused by men. Continue reading


Old as the hills – the casting couch

I see tons of articles about Harvey Weinstein. (this list is worth scrolling through and feeling shocked at his massive manipulative power.)

Every man who knew and who now expresses shock is actually complicit. Shame on you all. Continue reading


Equal Rights for LGBTQ? Ha bloody ha!

NHS doctor rebellion over patient sexual orientation Q&A

Continue reading

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Food, food, glorious food

Us old Furlongs fell off our food perch.

Most of us Furlongs are on one kind of food perch or other. To fix something -or-other from allergies to weight, to diabetes. Continue reading

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Las Vegas and Isis

There is something funny about the terror attack in Vegas. My gut tells me there is more to this than we are ever going to know.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a shooting that left at least 50 people dead and more than 400 others injured at a packed music festival in Las Vegas.

In a statement via its Amaq news agency, the terror group said the gunman, identified by police as Stephen Paddock, was a “soldier of the Islamic State”.

It also claimed he had converted to Islam a few months ago – and had carried out the deadly attack “in response to calls to target states of the coalition”.

Despite the extremist militant group’s claims, police had told reporters earlier today that the massacre was not believed to be an act of terrorism.

I find it strange that Stephen Paddock is sporting the ubiquitous Muslim beard, however scruffy.

He shot from his balcony and

Police say the 64-year-old, from Nevada, killed himself before they stormed his room on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

Well, that’s what the police say. Maybe they killed him. Did they kill the right guy?  Did they kill any-old-guy? We shall never know.

I don’t normally believe in ‘false flags’ but there is really something very, very odd about this story.

The Paddock brother and family are ‘stunned’ by his actions. Follow the link to hear the interview with Eric.It sounds very genuine to me.

How do we know what motive was really in the heart of a perfectly normal, ordinary guy, called Stephen Paddock?

What gave him meaning to his action? Was it ISIS? Did they supply the weapons?

Was it false flag?

Was he really the shooter?

Was he a guy that just went inexplicably nuts?

Or was he an Isis convert?

I’m waiting to see what transpires now…..

Questions swirl in the Las Vegas mass shooting

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Parliamentary passion

Yesterday this video was passed around of the Ugandan Parliament violence. Don’t think it only happens there – the video that follows it shows that Parliamentarians are no better than us ordinary folk. A good punch up has been our thing for many thousands of years.

Evolution? Yes!

We now do it in suits! Continue reading