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Cleaning windows

Mr Furlong fired our window cleaner after about six months here, in this flat-in-the-town. He never asked ME.  Continue reading



Time out

My garden calls! I’ve been taking time out from blogging.

The plants are so excited it is spring! Everyday there is some plant or other popping up some place or other saying “Hi”.

I have been working very hard to prepare our garden so the excited plants will be extra happy this year. Our last garden produced huge happy plants. I hardly noticed this garden here at our new flat when we first moved in. I was too focused on trying to fit in to a very small flat. and last summer I was not able to work in my garden for sciatica.

But I have been well! Being well makes a huge difference to life.

Mr Furlong and I have done some very big garden jobs. We cut the Ivy off the top of the arch. Last time we tried that we were sick for a week. This time we wore masks, goggles, gloves and over clothing. It’s done! At last. I’ve hated looking at it for eighteen months!

Furthermore, in the last three days, we have spread a whole tonne of gravel. I’m amazed I did it with hardly an ache or pain!

The ‘plan’ for this garden, has come to me slowly. But, at last, I have a vision. Of course, at the moment there are dormant plants and excited plants showing themselves first. I have a plan for all of them. All are welcome!

There is only one rule in my gardens – bullies will be cut down to size.

I brought seeds from this plant in my old garden – I’ve planted them – it would be nice to see them again…..



Tomorrow is happy orphan day

The old Furlongs in this house, are orphans.  Continue reading

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Rats – or mice?

Since the death of Bobby-the-dog, we are noticing the birds have become a bit bolder. Continue reading


Letters in a bottle

When I was teaching in the 1980’s. my class wrote letters which were placed in a bottle. Continue reading

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Windchill – minus twelve

The wind has been howling down the chimney, past the extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen and rattling at the front door. Continue reading

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Twiddling the mouse

If you have nothing better to do today, and you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs, you could uplift yourself by watching this GIF. I found it whilst switching phones yesterday. It was the very first GIF image I ever saw way back in the nineties. I still like it! Continue reading