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Anna Raccoon – Head Rambles

To others here who follow me, Anna Racoon has died.

I’m so sorry – I bet she’s going to be working hard in the next dimension! What an amazing woman she was in this one.

Bye bye Anna – I have shed a tear for OUR loss.

Travel well!

Source: Anna Raccoon – Head Rambles


The glory of Royalty – the fall – Iran

I remember the Shah of Iran and his beautiful wife.  It seemed fairy tale situation. But of course it wasn’t. For those who don’t know – here is the family story with good photos – before and after their fall. Continue reading


What old people do with their time

Have you ever wondered what old people do with their time?

Well, here’s something. Featureman Continue reading


Escaping from a sinking car

Several years ago our friend and her dog died in her car when it was pulled into the river in a flood. The shock of that kind of event is unbelievable. It’s always something that happens to someone else – never to anyone YOU know. Continue reading


Diana, instead of Chloe

My news feed seems to have been stuck on the dreadful experiences of model Chloe Ayling .

But this morning it changed to Diana: In Her Own Words – admirers have nothing to fear from the Channel 4 tapes

Mr furlong and I watched it. Continue reading

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Millennial inspiration video today

I want some upliftment from my slough of depression/bed of pain.

I need to laugh.

Join me! AwakenWithJP Continue reading


Ad blocks, bullshit blocks

Yesterday I complained about the ads that plague my Internet browsing. I put Adblock on my Chrome. It’s much better. You only get clusters of site promoters like ‘Would you like our newsletter?’ ‘Please do this survey’ or ‘Follow us on Twitter’ ‘Donate to Patreon’. Ad confetti! Continue reading