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Hypochondria Central

The Furlong grandchildren stayed the night. This is the first time we have anyone to stay in our new small house flat. They came with “stuff”. We had a zoofull of fluffy animals stampeding all over the place. Two tricycles belting up and down our roomy back patio. Extra toothbrushes, hair brushes, places at the table and the girls had to sleep together in a double bed with the Berlin wall constructed down the middle. Continue reading


This might solve the number of prems with physical problems?

It always seems so dreadful to me, that once, when I was young, premature babies usually died. Now they are rescued very early and put into incubators and a lot of them come out with awful deformities and life debilitating conditions. It seems that quality of life is not considered in our desperate drive to keep things alive. Continue reading


Noakes found not guilty

Very good news! Continue reading

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The Furlong dog’s best friend has had a bad accident

The Furlong dog  is called Bobby. He’s an old chap – just turned 12 this April. As far as we know he only has one best friend. His friend is the Furlong daughter’s dog. They spend happy hours together in perfect peace and harmony. Continue reading

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I bet you’ve never seen this photo before

Here is a photo I don’t think you’ve ever seen before. I haven’t.

It made me sad. Continue reading

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Your meditation for today with The Crazy Russian

I have followed this delightful person for many years on YouTube. His original site was “The Crazy Russian Hacker”. It’s a most entertaining place to be enlightened! Continue reading

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British Gas flash

Mr Furlong was out this morning, when British Gas arrived in the form of a Viking sized meter reader. We refuse to have a “Smart Meter”. Continue reading


May the force be with you

Well, it’s a general election in June here in the UK.

Good for you Mrs May.

It’s a perfect political move. All the worms are squirming!

Very clever.

I’ll be voting for you. Continue reading


Enlighten me please – iTunes

I wanted to listen to a podcast. It said, to hear it, I must have iTunes. So I downloaded iTunes. Continue reading


The finding and killing of the beast

Yesterday the Furlongs killed the beast.

If you follow this blog, you will know that our new house flat is a place where, recently, we have been tormented by an alarm going off at exactly 3:30pm daily. We have been hunting the beast every day with no success. Continue reading