The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

About Me

The Last Furlong painting that heads my blog, is by Marjorie Owens, one of the illustrators of the Rupert Bear Books. I bought it from her before she died. It has always had a deep meaning for me – we are all always on “The Last Furlong” in our lives, whether it’s just trying to achieve something, or actually nearing the end of something. I like The Last Furlong oil painting. It hangs in the hall. I can see the same simplicity – the lack of intruding detail – the broad view that Marjorie used in her Rupert Bear illustrations.

I like the broad view.

I am in the last furlong of my life, entering old age (my 70’s). I am wanting to keep up the pace before the wish to achieve anything, to share or protest leaves me.  I might not be the front-runner, nor might I receive ribbons, sashes or glory, but I want to pass the finishing post with as much enthusiasm for life as I can muster.

Please join me in our race!


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Do not go quietly into that dark night. Nor me neither.

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  2. I know. You might think I was asking for a hard time. Two glorious weeks, and then nothing but long wispy bits that claw at your hair for the rest of the Summer.

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  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I’d love to join your race! Best Wishes!

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  4. I have a book of Robin”s Poems and Painting. I am however looking for a book that Robin wrote on the Gayathri mantra. I had a copy which I lent out and didn’t get it back

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    • I have read that. And Raj Coopan ( his Ayurvedic doctor used it.) But I think I’ve only got “Stepping into the Light”. I’ll have a look in my precious book section….maybe I also have poems and pictures too. How did you get yours?


  5. There’s a blast from the past. So thanks for that, Vino.

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