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The irrelevant peaceful majority

Something new is coming into our world. We have Brexit, we have Trump. We might have Le Pen and Wilders.  The hoi polloi (the majority)  are speaking up against the few who rule them. A revolution is taking place and the rulers should take note.

It’s time for a change. Continue reading


Amazon insanity

Really, Amazon takes the cake! Having recently purchased really boring stuff and fun stuff from Amazon, The Furlongs are getting emails from Amazon imploring us to buy from them. Continue reading


Smokers are people too, it seems

Researchers have found that the incidence of non-small cell lung cancer in never-smokers appears to be increasing. This is  independent of sex, age, and race/ethnicity, according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Continue reading


Near death silly science

I was watching a debate on “Is death final?”. The science section – you know, the guys demanding PROOF that a person finding themselves out-of-body, or in a different awareness of continued consciousness when they have temporarily died, were saying there is NO proof because scientific tests have never been successful. Continue reading


Doing the cancer maths – smoking

The screening of 264 high-risk individuals within a 150-mile radius of Augusta found 3 percent had lung cancer and 75 percent of those were caught early, said Dr. Carsten Schroeder, thoracic oncology surgeon at the Georgia Cancer Center and Medical College of Georgia at AU. The researchers note that a percentage of the patients presenting at screening had early symptoms, like a persistent cough, so the rate of cancer detection in patients who showed no indication of disease was 2.2 percent, still double the rates of previous studies. Link

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Itti pretty duckies and liddle puddy tat

I walked up to the hospital for an eye test.

Half way there, I came upon a gaggle of little ducklings with their mommy, waddling down the pavement. Oh what a sight! The road there was frightfully busy with trucks and cars roaring past. Did I worry for the safety of the itti pretty duckies and their Mom? Continue reading

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Theft legitimised in the UK

We have had the budget announced today in the UK. The budget really means “How can we get more money by legitimised theft?” Continue reading

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Wiretapping? Of course!

Trump is claiming Obama wiretapped him. Obama-peeps are shrieking that he’s loony. But I think they’re all loony. Continue reading

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Death by pencil

Oh – I get SO tired of the stupidity/insanity in the world. Continue reading

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Sex education in school

This Furlong is seventy-two. I had absolutely no sex education. None. I learned garbled facts from my friends. Seventy or so years ago, the world was a completely different place. Sex wasn’t talked about, commonly. It was a hidden thing that women endured and men desired. It was a commodity women exchanged for marriage. There was no easy-access porn, masturbation caused insanity, and sex was dirty stuff. Continue reading