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How History disappears

All over the world there are people like me. I  am not a photo collector, a memory hoarder, a collector of personal history, a person devoted to rescuing artifacts from the past.  Though I’m  grateful other people do.

But when it comes down to me having to do the storing of old stuff, family trees, photos, relics, I  am less than devoted. I don’t care to be honest. It’s  just junk to me. One of the Furlong daughters who has the biggest house and more interest does the job. 

The dead Furlongs take up a lot of space!

The Furlong Family has had some notable members, that’s the problem.

And I still don’t  care.

My sister is moving house. So she has dumped a pile of stuff on me. When we moved here over two years ago, I  got rid of tons of stuff, including giving her photos of interest to her. They are all back here again!

I have no photos around this house. I hate photos. They bring out the morbid in me. I never look at one and think “Oh, wasn’t that a wonderful moment.” I think ” Oh no, another moment gone!” In my life, a photo should be no more than 24 hours old….

Today I found a photo of my mother that I’d never seen before in an old press cutting. It moved me. She looked vulnerable and lonely which is how I knew her.¬†

As for the rest? It’s all fake. 

I’m going to toss the lot.


Snow at last

At last we’ve had snow.

Proper snow. Continue reading


Today we have a “bit of a do”

Today we are having a family get-together. It is a celebration of three birthdays simultaneously. Continue reading

Happy birthday Mr Furlong


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Fires in the Sahara

We have just finished watching¬†Michael Palin’s Sahara.¬† Continue reading

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The irrationality of Christianity

This Furlong went to a Catholic Boarding School in Africa.

I loved it! Continue reading

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My best friend

Mr Furlong is my best friend. Continue reading


My mother died today 15 years ago

The Furlongs were at my mother’s death. Three of us – my sister, Mr Furlong and I. Continue reading


Our snow

I was complaining that we’d had no snow. No snow at all whilst the rest of England had lashings of it. Continue reading


Wrapping presents

The worst thing about Christmas preparations for this Furlong is wrapping gifts. Continue reading