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From my sickbed I have watched a lot of TV. Currently on the BBC there is a new series on The Partition of India. I couldn’t be bothered to watch it. I know it will be ‘All gong and no dinner’ to quote Mandela. I think the 2013 documentary was very moving – and refined. Continue reading

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Yoga and monkeys

People seem to like monkeys.

I don’t know why.

In Africa, we lived with monkeys – Vervets – they were an absolute pain in the arse and, more clearly, a bloody nuisance! Continue reading


Why I like men/cigarettes/pipes/cigars and snooker

My mother told us stories about my father and her going to America for a year in 1946 aboard a war time troop carrier. It was an uncomfortable experience, evidently. And coming back was equally entertaining. Continue reading

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Medicines in the UK.

When The Old Furlongs arrived in the UK from Africa twenty years ago,  most of our children were already here. Mr Furlong ‘came home’ . ‘Home’ was nothing like we had imagined it to be. It wasn’t ‘England’ as romanced through our childhoods. Continue reading

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Islam via “find”

I inherited a Quran from my grandmother when I was young. I read it. I was astonished that parts of it were not too different from The Bible with “Bible Stories” and Jesus mentioned. Continue reading

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Sss-steam heat

We got steam heat!

To keep away the cold.

We need to remember this hot snap. And The Furlongs will! Continue reading


Genealogy – think of your descendents

One of the Furlong relatives in Africa, is doing family research.

I like that. Continue reading