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Drink And Smoke As Much As You Like

Frank Davis

It’s not often that the experts come up with some good news:

What is the secret to being more productive at work? As long as you get seven hours’ sleep a night you can drink and smoke as much as you like, researchers have claimed.

The amount workers smoke, eat or drink alcohol does not affect their productivity in the office. However, those who had six hours or less a night were significantly less productive than those who got seven or eight hours’ sleep.

The study, carried out by researchers from Cambridge University and Rand Europe, looked at large data sets for more than 21,000 UK employees.

The findings suggested that lack of sleep, financial concerns and being an unpaid carer for family members or relatives all had a strong negative impact on how staff performed.

Researchers looked at ‘presenteeism’, which is defined by being at work but not…

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The Vapers Code of Ethics and Vapism

Vape Church

For every 5 posts that I see someone praise vaping, I see a comment or a post about someone complaining that vapers are acting like douchebags. We’re all vapers. But we’re not all the reasons for these complaints. However, in the eyes of someone that has had a bad experience with a vaper, we are all the same. It’s classifications like this that touch on so many different levels. Racism. Sexism. Religion-ism? So is there such thing as Vapism?

I suppose there is to those who have had the bad vaper experience.

A couple friends, myself and my girl went to a local Hooters one time last year. Hooters is vape friendly. They don’t care if you vape, cuz you’re probably buying 400% marked up beer. We, all advanced vaporizer users with rebuildables and higher power devices and mechanicals, were sitting at a table together. Two tables away, there was…

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Herpetic neuralgia – yet I live

I think I am getting better. Today was the first day of the last dozen, that I didn’t wake up in excruciating, EXCRUCIATING, pain. Continue reading


Give me PILLS!

I have not been well – I AM not well. Oh the PAIN! Continue reading

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Didn’t UKIP do well?

The BBC are not mentioning UKIP. They are horribly censoris. But UKIP have done so well! And they are doing brilliantly in the local council elections of which there is  no mention. Continue reading

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It’s today…

Last year today, I started this blog. I made a vow to attempt to post every single day. And I have! Continue reading

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Changing my recipe

I have bone broth almost every day. Most recipes I’ve found have a good dose of black pepper in them. Seeing I drink this every day, I’m going to add a new ingredient – Tumeric. Continue reading

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What is a smithereen?

Mr Furlong asked me a question. We were listening to how Messenger has now crashed into Mercury, smashing itself to “smithereens”, said the news. Mr Furlong asked “what is a smithereen?”. In this scientific age, this is an important question don’t you think? Continue reading

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New post on Gentle Ignition

Today on Gentle Ignition, there is a post of Robin Bambers writing. Continue reading