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This old house and high blood sugar

If you follow my blog, you will know I cannot fathom what the hell has gone wrong with my blood sugar which has risen since we moved into our tiny new flat, here, in July last year.

It’s a puzzlement! Continue reading


Black, gay, disabled, female and other patronised animals

Years ago, I worked in a department store in the UK. The “law” was that business should employ 10% disabled people on their staff.

There was me, paralysed down the left side, Brian (names changed) with a terrible squint and vision problems, Edna, paralysed down the right side, John who had funny feet and who walked with a stick, and some others who I can’t remember.  Continue reading


Diabetics in the making by Government approval

As you might know, I’m still getting my head around this thing called Type11 diabetes. Diabetes control without medications, is a complex thing I discover. My pride at keeping off the diabetic “register” by sometimes being diabetic and sometimes not, has been evaporated since moving into our new flat. Continue reading

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Thoughts in the night on modesty in yesterday’s re-blog

Yesterday I re-blogged this – From the modern to the mediaeval in 40 years which traced the rise of modest clothing in Arab countries over 40 years. Once, women there, dressed just like us!

I found it interesting as something I was unaware of – that women in those countries were going backwards all under the domination of – men? – religion?.

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From the modern to the mediaeval in 40 years

I found this very informative! Thank you so much for all your research. I’m re-blogging if you don’t mind. To quote Benny Hill “Not a lot of people know this!” – and they should…

Churchmouse Campanologist

Last month I told one of my readers I would chronicle women in Islam from the mid-20th century to the present.

It is deplorable that people under the age of 35 will not have known anything other than the Muslim women’s attire we see today.

For them and for readers who have forgotten the swift trajectory from the modern to the mediaeval, below are links to illuminating photographs from several Muslim countries.

It is painful to read that an increasing number of American Christians are moving in the same direction — backward — with regard to women’s opportunities and attire. I read of arranged marriages, daughters deprived of university, veiled women at church and wives who buy burkinis. These people — not sect members, by the way — isolate themselves and associate only with their own kind because the rest of us, frankly, just aren’t good enough!

Stop the madness!

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Trump and the idiots

This Furlong. in blogging, tries not to get too political. This is not a political blog. But Mr Furlong and I listened to the whole of Trump’s speech in Florida. Continue reading

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Oh no – he died

I have had on my computer for quite while, a little video about America’s oldest World War Two Veteran. I was going to include it in a blog post – but I never did. I found the video inspirational especially since the old guy at 109 was still enjoyed cigars (which he did not inhale) and chocolate and other comforting activities. The video has been criticised as “slow” so that most people never watched to the end. But I did.  It was worth it. Continue reading

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Talking to the TV

The Furlongs in this house, are interested in politics. We are interested – but we don’t always agree.

Strange things happen on the TV – the information you glean from it is highly unreliable.  In politics, for instance, it’s all just people’s opinions. Continue reading

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How to completely wreck your Saturday

This Furlong does this a lot – she’s an EXPERT!

How to wreck your day – any day Continue reading

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Moving on – our old house

The Furlong children – well they’re all grown up now – nearing/are in middle age actually – but they are still our “kids”, had a wonderful upbringing in a huge old Edwardian house built in 1901. Well, this, technically, was still the Victorian age – but architecture was moving on and our house was very “modern” – then.  Continue reading