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The Banting Pocket Guide


I’m going to buy a book,


That’s unheard of for me. I read and listen all the time, but seldom read a book.

I’m going to buy the new Banting Pocket Guide

Noakes insists that the evidence is clear and if one is insulin resistant this diet will reverse Type 2 diabetes.

He acknowledges that the emphasis may have been incorrect. It is not about eating as much as you like.

It is about eating to hunger.

Prof Tim Noakes, sports science and health expert

10% of people put on weight on this diet, he adds.

Those are the ones who need to restrict how much fat they take.

Prof Tim Noakes, sports science and health expert

He says he hopes in the new Banting Pocket Guide they have the emphasis and balance right.

Well I am doing something wrong obviously for I’m STILL battling the blood sugar even though I think I’m doing  HFLC right. Maybe the book will solve my problem?

There is something I don’t know, obviously.

It’s all SO tiresome!

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

5 thoughts on “The Banting Pocket Guide

  1. Tell me about it! Eldest Son Of The Dwarf suffered almost from birth with undiagnosed Type 1. Everytime we had him checked his b/s (hmmm’ BS’ very apt in regard to him) levels were bang on normal but he’d still drink up to 6 litres of coke a night before going to bed and , literally, before he could do more than toddle he was stealing sugary food. Later he discovered stealing money was a more efficient way of procuring the sugar or fluids his little body was screaming for. A child grows up, from earliest childhood, having to steal to survive, it really destroys any chance of a ‘normal’ ‘thine and mine’ understanding. (no not an ‘excuse’, but an explanation).

    Of course you can only control Type1 with diet just so long, at some point (perhaps after his habitual 20 hamburgers at Mickey D) he collapsed, was Blues & Toons’d to A&E and finally it was diagnosed. But of course the physical and mental damage of 14 years of uninsulated diabetes had done permanent damage. His behaviour got a lot better , or the insulin allowed him to be ‘cleverer’ about his half inching anything not nailed down (and yes he did discover crowbars). But he remains to this day the sort of diabetic who gives diabetics a bad night. Drink, drugs, fast food all night then ‘correct’ his insulin sometime the next day…maybe.

    Sorry for the rant but diabetes, be it type 1 or 2, really makes my piss boil…and I know just mentally tiring it can be for sufferers and carers/parents.

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