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Huggy Bunny

Mr Furlong spotted the most beautiful brown bunny hopping down the next door neighbour’s steps.

I’m glad it was not hopping down OUR steps.

Bass loves chasing bunnies. He never catches one though.

We watched brown bunny hopping around the neighbour’s garden and Bass watched it through the fence. He did not bark. Perhaps he has learned that if you bark at a bunny, it goes for cover.

We have never seen a lovely brown bunny around here before.

So I then downloaded my email.

The first email from our neighborhood group for this area was titled “Has anyone around this area seen Bobby’s beautiful brown bunny?”

Well, we had! Images shot into my mind of two old people attempting to catch a bunny on the field behind our house. Or a possie of people racing about trying to catch Bobby’s beautiful brown bunny.

But wait!

The user has uploaded a pic of Bobby’s beautiful brown bunny.

It is not our beautiful brown bunny!

Calm my heart.

Bobby’s beautiful brown bunny is a great big fluffy toy. And it dropped out of his pram somewhere.

Thank God!



Imagine being carefree. What does that mean? It’s completely, utterly and absolutely unobtainable as a human condition, yet we are offered it in virtually every advertisment. It conjours up images of people having ‘fun’. People laughing, relaxing, eating, drinking, lazing about, always with the sun shining, having smiles on their faces, displaying gaiety.

Care free means free of care.

Which is humanly impossible.

All the children I know are always wanting something, never care free.

All the people I know are not care free.

There is ALWAYS something to stress about. No one is ever care free.

Everyone is faced with decisions. That’s what cocks up being care free.

Modern care free is offered to us as a goal. Carefree hair, carefree beauty, carefree holidays, carefree shopping, carefree fun, carefree insurance, carefree funeral plans, carefree eating, carefree clothes,

Fun, fun, fun.

The Furlongs have been pretty much really care free. We don’t shop. We don’t buy much. We don’t go anywhere. We don’t require anything. We live exceedingly simply. We don’t get pleasure out of ownership, so we are happy with our old stuff. Being frugal is our pleasure. Routine is what we enjoy.

But this morning I woke in a state of stress. We have plans afoot to go to France in June next year. We have gone completely nuts.

Care free has evaporated.

It’s HOT in Provence in June. We know. We did that before. Flying is a nightmare. Driving on the wrong side of the road is challenging. Our many, many beautiful photographs show two old people having ‘fun’ and on a care free holiday, but, believe me, they lie!

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A lonely little Petunia in a Nemode patch

When I was a kid, we used to pinch our noses and sing in a nasal voice “I’m a lonely little Petunia in an Onion Patch”

God knows why. I presume there must have been a song we’d heard.

Last year, the slug problem in our garden seemed cured. I watered the garden with Nematodes. I haven’t seen a slug since. This year Mr Furlong bravely bought a tray of petunia plantlings.

I gave up growing Petunias years ago here in the UK. They all got eaten by slugs. In my experience Petunias are slugs’ most favourite food. Hell, they even ate my Petunias in hanging baskets!

So now we have six Petunias growing in a nematode treated garden.

There is always hope.

This year is the big test.



On phone support for people having computer problems in the old days, a very popular analysis of the trouble they were encountering was called the I.D.10.T problem. Or reported as the ID10T error. ID ten T.

I am having problems with products I use on the internet.

It would be so nice if Google, WordPress and others, would just leave things alone. I have no idea what Google Mail is doing. I have no idea what Google Accounts is doing. There’s a ? clever new log in window. And WordPress has gone daft.

The strange thing is that all these things work fine (mostly) on my very ancient erratic tablet and on my brand new phone, but not on my laptop running Windows.

On my computer I am completely locked out of my WordPress account even though I absolutely bloody know my password is correct. I am unable to like or comment at all. Let alone post anything.

Once I used to be able to work computers. I even taught them to others dammit! I could talk people through all kinds if problems on the phone without even looking at a screen.

I was OK on Ubuntu too.

But now I have no idea.

My category has changed