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It’s my birthday, depressing

It’s my birthday today.

I have woken in a state of great melancholy.

It’s my birthday AGAIN.




Thank you for all the good wishes you are going to send me. But I’d prefer commiserations…….in black!

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All that glitters

We humans, are taken in by beauty. All that is beautiful, is not always nice. I don’t watch the superficial people-pleasing glitzy shows on TV, a sop to the masses to keep us happy on a Saturday night. If it’s jazzed up and glittery, plastic with perfect white blinding smiles and fake bonhomie, I don’t like it.

Ba humbug.

I like real beauty. Like Angus.

We met Angus in the wood the other day, Bass and I.

I was blinded by Angus’s beauty. He was/is the most beautiful Scottish Terrier I have ever seen. I fell in love!

He lay in the down position, with his ears pricked, eyes bright, pearly teeth glittering in the dappled sunshine. His thick black coat glowed with health and vigour. He was big. And he was not on a lead. His owner stood a few steps behind.

I called out “Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL dog!”

With that, Angus took off like a bullet out of a gun. He transformed from serene beauty into a raging lunatic, with snapping teeth, slathering chops, bulging eyes and snarling ear shattering howls.

He went straight for Bass. Bass, in his wisdom, ran like hell.

The owner of Angus galvanised into action and got him back and on the lead. He apologised saying Angus was a bit “grumpy”.

I’d hate to meet Angus when he is really cross.

If it looks nice, It might not be.

All that glitters is not gold.


Type two diabetes – my results from my Carnivore experiment

This is the last time I will bore my readers with my diabetes blood sugar.

I have been on a Carnivore diet for all this month. Before that, I was already on a low carb, ketogenic diet. I fast from supper to noon the next day when I have lunch. I think that makes switching easier…..The day after I started only eating meat and animal products and no carbs, my blood sugars dropped from 8 plus mmol, 9 plus mmol and sometimes more on every test, to 6.5 mmol. I was impressed.

But then after time, I got readings on my monitor in the 5 mmol region.

Side effects from switching to Carnivore, are headaches in the beginning, and physical weakness. But eventually, my mood shifted, my energy returned. I am feeling the best I have felt for a long time. My old age depression has lifted, and I’ve even started gardening again.

Yesterday, my reading on my monitor, was 4.9 mmol.


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Type two diabetes, carnivore

My last post was on the success of the carnivore diet in reducing my blood sugar, immediately, after my first day. My post had a lot of views, so I thought I should give an update to the Type two’s reading it.

But the change has side effects. I got headaches for two days. I felt weak on my walks. After a day or two, I lost all my vigour. But one afternoon, after a weak walk, I suddenly felt different – sharp in the head, optimistic, energetic. And I have been so for several days.

I shifted into proper ketosis. I feel great.

I’m wondering if I’ll lose muscle mass? I’m thinking of gradually introducing different foods. First only animal foods, and later, to see what exactly gives me high sugar readings even when I’m eating a “well balanced” diet. I cannot eat as much as the carnivores say you should. And you must drink water. I’ve always had a small appetite.

Please look up the carnivore diet on the Internet. It’s not me promoting it. I’m simply reporting what happened to my stubborn blood sugar on it. My blood sugar reading averages about 6 mmol and sometimes drops into 5+mmol

And that’s a bloody miracle!

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To type two diabetics – my solution

A week ago, in desperation, I thought I’d try this whacky Carnivore Diet.

I wrote a post called “It’s a puzzlement – blood sugar”. I just cannot lower my blood sugar.

I’ve tried just about every diet under the sun. And all those put about by the health dieticians.

Some mix of foods in all those ways of eating, simply does not reduce my glucose readings. I started to get exstatic if my readings were 7.9 mmol, rather than eights or nines.

As I have aged, what was once pre diabetes has hardened into proper diabetes. I know my next Hba1c at the surgery will be horrible.

I have to take myself in hand. Having sugar nibbling away silently at all your internal organs, eyes and limbs, is not acceptable. Many people don’t realise that type two diabetes is unnoticeable in you until you notice it. And by that time you’ve been nibbled lots!

Type two’s search for solutions in drugs.

But I don’t do drugs.

So, as I was saying, I am trying the Carnivore Diet. You only eat meat or animal products like eggs.

It has been miraculous! I repeat, it has been miraculous.


The miracle started on the morning after my first day. My sugar readings hit the low sevens. The next day, the sixes. And yesterday?

5.9 mmol.


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The Pie Piper

It rained on our walk today. It was nice. Bass and I got wet.

On our way, a man passed us: a large scary looking fella in black leather and knuckle dusters and big boots…..

Bass loved him.

He was eating a pie.

So for a long way, Bass trotted along behind him, looking up at the back of his neck with adoration and waiting for the next flake of pastry to hit the ground.

The Pie Piper didn’t know.

And thankfully Bass was on a lead, otherwise I think I might have lost ownership of him.