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Civilisation goes ‘poef’

For many years I have written down every food I ate in a day, my blood sugar reading and my weight. I add how long I walked, or sometimes reminders about what I should do tomorrow.

I have done this to try to control my blood sugar as I teeter on the edge of being pre diabetic. But recently I changed to doing the same on an app on my phone. I think this new habit is preferable for the person who clears up all my junk when I’m dead. Who cares about notebooks with scrawly handwriting and meaningless numbers in them? They are not even a historical record.

Everytime a generation dies out, tons of real historical record gets trashed by the next generation. Papers, diaries, writings, film and possesions disappear forever. As an historian, that seems a pity. But it has ever been that way. The only records that remain of ordinary people, are the records of unordinary people, the ones that ‘left their mark’ so to speak.

The new woke culture want history trashed. History is white history that has been written by the elite they say. It is biased. And of course thats true. History is recorded in writing. It is mostly made by the unordinary, the rulers, the kings, the priests. It is the written recordings of events. Papers, documents, diaries, literature, philosophy, etc. If a civilisation has writing, it records its history whether it be European, Chinese, Egyptian, Asian, whatever! Without writing, history is oral, unreliable, prone to become myth or legend or superstitions.

So, this morning, a thought assailed me as I typed in my morning blood sugar reading on my phone. Everything has become digital. Even books.

What are future generations going to discover about history should our digital age go ‘poef’ for some reason? What will archeologists find out about OUR civilisation?

By that time, I think Western Civilisation as we know it now, will have gone ‘poef’ from internal rot. There might not be terribly much to discover. But if the digital age goes ‘poef’ everything else does too.

Am I worried about Climate Change this morning? Am I worried about Greta Thunberg? Am I worried about Black Lives Matter? Am I worried about Covid19?

No, not really. I’ve got better things to contemplate. A world without computers would be a REAL disaster.

Have a nice day!


Is my dog racist?

The Furlong dog Bass has a good deal of Chihuahua in him. We know that because we had his DNA tested when we first got him. That is going on two years ago. Knowing what is in your dog can really help in understanding what they do.

The Furlong dog Bass, is what you’d call a mongrel, a mixed breed.

We like him.

He’s not like any other dog we’ve ever been owned by. He has strong Chihuahua traits.

Chihuahuas are different to all other dogs. They have a different evolution story. In fact no one is even sure of what that could be. But here are some guesses and interesting information about the pure Chihuahua.

On our walks, I have noticed that Bass is far more delighted with dogs that are Chihuahuas, or like him, are Chihuahua mongrels, than just ordinary dogs. I am told that many dog owners think their dogs prefer certain types of dogs over others, and that is a figment of our imaginations, just like we imagine our dogs love us.

But I’m not falling for that scientific rubbish.

Our Bass loves us.

And furthermore, I think he’s racist. He has some kind of genetic memory of his ancient heritage that he recognises is different and yet the same as his, in the other dogs he meets.

He prefers his own kind.

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The ‘age of humans’ Meditation for today

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On the stupidity of man – a meditation

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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

I didn’t realise how VERY bad the drought in the Cape, South Africa is, until a reader of this blog alerted me to it.

They spent time this morning, collecting their water.

In Cape Town itself the situation is becoming dire.

“Four million citizens will be expected to collect 25 litres per person from one of 200 collection points,” he said. “A true nightmare scenario is developing before our very eyes.” Link

Will Cape Town be the first city to run out of water?

“The technology to connect people to a water supply has been around since ancient Egypt. It’s not a technical problem,” he says.

Well, bloody hell? Really? You could have fooled me!

The best we can do at the moment is a Graphene-based sieve. that turns seawater into drinking water….in TINY quantities.

We can insert stents into hearts in a day clinic, we can photograph Mars, we can drone-attack a single person, we can run a car on water, we can dive miles down into the ocean trench, we can feed millions of people in huge cities with efficient food-supplying systems but we can’t get water for our consumption from the sea!



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