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Bending over blackwards

Donald Trump is in trouble for saying “there is blame on both sides” for the deadly violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, appearing to once again equate the actions of white supremacist groups and those protesting them. He showed sympathy for the fringe groups’ efforts to preserve Confederate monuments.   Link here

If you watch the Vice videos available on the Internet that are a record of the clash and many others as well, ‘Black Lives Matter’/the black left behaved disgustingly too – with malice aforthought! They were attacking with weapons and chemicals, not defending themselves FROM attack.

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The glory of Royalty – the fall – Iran

I remember the Shah of Iran and his beautiful wife.  It seemed fairy tale situation. But of course it wasn’t. For those who don’t know – here is the family story with good photos – before and after their fall. Continue reading


What the hell is THIS – Education?

I know I’m old-fashioned. I was a teacher all my life. A TEACHER, NOT A ‘FACILITATOR’! Continue reading


Diana, instead of Chloe

My news feed seems to have been stuck on the dreadful experiences of model Chloe Ayling .

But this morning it changed to Diana: In Her Own Words – admirers have nothing to fear from the Channel 4 tapes

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Oh heck – internet ads

I fell in love with computers the moment I first saw one.  At first there wasn’t a browser for the World Wide Web – a very new, new, and wondrous thing! The web browser that we first used was Netscape .

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God stuff and shit you didn’t know

If this offends you – tough shit! Tweet your complaint to #thoughtsandprayers

But I found it quite funny.

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Post modern architecture – Grenville Towers

This video inspired me – it’s Paul Joseph Watson with a difference.

He talks about some dreadful architecture – a mechanism to control society. Continue reading