The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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This land is mine – a serious meditation for today

I hope you enjoy this mediation as much as I did.

Very clever indeed – and true! Continue reading


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Harvest Mites – bite help without bullshit

At this time – July to the middle of August, I am bitten by Harvest Mites. I have been bitten for twenty years. I’m an expert.

Here is some REAL help without bullshit for those people looking up Harvest Mite bites on the internet.

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Don’t blog about yourself -evidently

I read a blog about blogging. It contained tips for bloggers. I think there were several ‘rules’. I cant remember them actually and I have no link for those who want to know them: there are many, many blogs ‘out there’ on how to be a good blogger. Continue reading

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British understatement in the garden – Busy Lizzies

Twenty years ago, when this Furlong arrived in the UK, I could not quite put my finger on the weirdness of the British. Continue reading



This morning I saw one bird at the bird feeders – one. Continue reading


What do you get from your hols?

These old Furlongs were mighty gratified when we returned home from our hols. We got grateful! Continue reading

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Not what I intended

I woke up chipper this morning – it’s cooler. I even saw a bird! Since the start of the drought and the continual sunshine, they have been missing. It’s quite unnerving. Before we went away the feeders were full – full – of little birds and when we got back they were gone; and my pansies were burnt to a crisp. Continue reading