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The Furlong meditation

We christened our newly restored meditation room by attempting a meditation in it. It was fun. There was Mr Furlong and me sitting quietly together. And the Furlong dog. He’s a natural! He simply lay down and meditated immediately! Continue reading

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Spiritual “Acceptance” prayer

I found a prayer which I wrote at one point when I was in a dark place.  Continue reading


Fruit salad delight!

I suppose I will get tired of reading these one day. But here is a salad of spam comments on my post which WordPress has kindly collected for me. Continue reading


Moths, humans and the guiding light

In Africa we were always told – and actually DID it on occasions when insects of different kinds flew into ears – hold a torch next to the ear and the insect will simply fly out again. Continue reading


Feeding the dog Paleo

We watched “Dogs – their secret lives – obesity in dogs” on the TV.
The program showed getting owners to measure out the food for their dogs – overweight dogs. Continue reading

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Ear candles for wax or wonder?

Once, Mr Furlong and I went to a  Mind, Body and Spirit  convention in The Yorkshire Dales.

There, Indian/Hopi Ear Candles were being sold –  Quote – “to remove ear wax”! Continue reading

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Pink meditation No! Dogs actually No! Both

This is a bit of a mess – read on! Continue reading

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Ways to meditate

I collected together some ideas on ways to meditate – I probably used all of them at one time or another. They might be useful to me now as I take back my meditation room in the Furlong house. Its nearly ready! Continue reading

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About meditation

I want to share my ideas about meditation seeing I am going to use the meditation room I have been restoring in the Furlong House. I am hoping Mr Furlong might join me sometimes, Continue reading


Dog drama and the Guru

I am severely deaf. I rely on Mr Furlong to listen out at night for noises off in the dark.  At two o’clock last night, I woke to hear a sort of twanging “chap””chap””chap” sound, distant and distorted. I put a hearing aid in. It was the Furlong dog. I recognised the bark immediately. It said “hunting””hunting””hunting” “come see””come see””come see”! Continue reading