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Giving your wealth away – Sam Harris

I enjoy listening to Sam Harris podcasts, even though his (sometimes) “poor me” griping, and his self justification against criticism, grates. He asks good questions, and is courageous enough to discuss the politically incorrect undiscussable issues of our time.  Continue reading

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Penis = Man Vagina = Woman No further words needed.

I’m old – and Mr Furlong and I are old fashioned in our views. We remember when ADHD was called NBGS (Needs a Bloody Good Smack).

We accept that children have learning and reading difficulties and some are not as “quick to learn” as others. I was a teacher. The aforementioned were allowed in my class – but not bad behaviour.

We accept that men are men if they are born male and women are women if they are born female, which seems quite logical scientifically speaking. We have observed that trait in animals too. Continue reading

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Do you know Tony and Barrie Barlow-Drewitt?

I vaguely remember these people – Tony and Barrie Barlow-Drewitt – the first gay men to have “their own” children. Way back. Now the first two kids are sixteen and they talk to the press – see link below. There are six children in all – little uns going down to really small – and maybe more to come. Continue reading

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World’s oldest smoker

Mbah Gotho has outlived all 10 of his siblings, his four wives, the last of whom died 28 years ago, and all of his children. I can imagine his grandchildren are getting on a bit as well.

 Staff at the Indonesian records office have confirmed Mr Gotho’s date of birth as December 31 1870, which to put it into context, was the year novelist Charles Dickens died and around half-way into the reign of Queen Victoria.


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What Went Wrong With Feminism? from The Last Ditch

Enjoyable post from The Last Ditch today  – but I couldn’t re-blog in the usual way. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

A good read….and interesting video too.

What Went Wrong With Feminism?

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Sorry people of Italy – horrid earthquake – amazing pictures

I woke in the middle of the night last night – at the time of this very horrible earthquake in central Italy.

This morning, because of our new technology, other people know almost immediately. Other people, like me, who are so sorry you are experiencing such an experience whilst we were unaware. Continue reading


Ivy science – burning throat after pruning English Ivy

I have been posting about an allergy to English Ivy we might have,

Here, here and here and here

So I have actually got to the opinion in my Ivy research adventures that no one knows much at all!

I should think that patients who go to the doctor with burning throats, coughs and bronchitis are usually diagnosed with an infection/virus. The only reason that my suspicions fell upon the Ivy-dust being the cause of our illness was because we BOTH got symptoms simultaneously! Would your doctor ASK “Have you recently been pruning Ivy?”

Well maybe they should. Continue reading


Am I right or am I wrong – burning throat ivy?

I have been posting about an allergy to English Ivy we might have,

Here, here and here

Mr Furlong had his registration interview with the doctor here where we have recently moved. Continue reading


English Ivy allergy – burning throat

Another post on English Ivy and some thoughts about the Furlong experience for others seeking information.

Any information about our allergic reaction to cutting back our Ivy is very hard to obtain on the internet. Continue reading


English Ivy – bit amazing really

Mr Furlong and I recently got ill cutting down large amounts of English Ivy.

As you hack at it, it releases chemicals in defense. And it really gave us terrible sore throats and made us ill. Continue reading