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I taught history in an ANC school in South Africa during the apartheid era. I was embarrassingly aware that the text books we had to use in order for the students to get their Matriculation (A levels in the UK) were written for white schools by white writers and were not the real history, but fake stuff – educational propaganda. Continue reading

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Why we don’t live in London

I don’t live in London because I’m old and my working days are over. I am not earning a living anymore. But even if I had to, I would not live in London. It’s a crazy place – terrifying actually and only to be endured for short visits, if ever. Continue reading

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Caricature for the crowds

In the Furlong house, we watch a lot of TV. I think we are living our life by watching others doing stuff “out there” in the world. Mr Furlong and I are not totally compatible. Continue reading

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Children are older now – educated and fearful, perhaps they’ll die young?

If you are old like Mr Furlong and me, you will have noticed how the group “children” have got older. The Anti Smoking Lobby have changed one idea of “children” i.e kids under twelve to “children and young people” with a cut off of 25 years old. Continue reading


Puccinia urticaria – Nettle mystery solved

A few days ago, I posted

What is this growing on my nettle bush? Please share and respond

No one responded.

But, being determined, I asked the Natural History Museum discussion group on plants. Continue reading


10 foods you should never feed your dog – oh yeah?

Ten foods you should never feed your dog

This information is on one of those annoying click-through sites which makes me want to give up on the third page. This one has got ten pages. But I will endure. Continue reading

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WordPress stats versus Blogger stats = WordPress fails

I have a blog on Blogger about a precise subject. The way Blogger presents its stats is brilliant compared to WordPress. Continue reading

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Wearing a “Do not resuscitate” ID is useless – unless you happen to be dying

Mr Furlong and I, being long in the tooth, wear Medical lockets pendants medallions discs that give all our details and specifically request “Do not resuscitate”. But we are going to toss them. Continue reading

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Swimming for the privileged

Yesterday I went swimming. I go swimming every Thursday. Every Thursday I wake up with a sense of pleasure that it’s swimming day. Continue reading

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What is this growing on my nettle bush? Please share and respond

I am totally smitten with stinging nettles. This annoying plant that”bites” through rubber gloves and clothing, has such amazing healing potential and is a useful food, that it is an unsung, un-praised amazing thing. Continue reading