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Diabetics in the making by Government approval


As you might know, I’m still getting my head around this thing called Type11 diabetes. Diabetes control without medications, is a complex thing I discover. My pride at keeping off the diabetic “register” by sometimes being diabetic and sometimes not, has been evaporated since moving into our new flat.

I’m stuck on the tracks. I sometimes I think my blood glucose meter has broken! My blood-sugar reading goes neither up nor down whatever I do.

I’m very disciplined but I’ve figured out, or rather found out, that you can read high on your meter if you are not eating enough, if you are eating too much protein and also if you are eating protein without carbohydrate – the two go together like a horse and cart.

So I’m trying small meals (of the right proportion) every few hours and strangely, my meter has begun to move! Down. My blood sugar DROPS after a meal.

Something very weird has happened in this house. Mr Furlong has really cracked it by stopping eating fruit and eating less. His sugars are so good he has cut down on insulin.

I, on the other hand, am going backwards. I’m overdosing on protein to avoid the carbs. Well, I’m not sure what is wrong actually, I’m still trying to figure it out.

So, I ate my tiny meal, whilst watching the news. Some idiot is suggesting we eat 10 – TEN -I repeat ten pieces of fruit and veg a day. Ten pieces every day.

Imagine that?

As it is, the government recommendation of five a day has been pulled out of some “expert’s” bottom. It’s just an arbitrary number. And if you are in any way leaning towards diabetes. it’s the way you can make sure you get it, with government approval. Just follow the instruction on the “Healthy Plate”.

One needs to weep!




Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

8 thoughts on “Diabetics in the making by Government approval

  1. Do you use a pendulum? I use it particularly for checking food and medicines, not only if they are good for me but also quantities. I doused for you this morning from the food chart:
    All fruit and veg, eggs and meat are good for you. Chicken not so good, OK sometimes.
    Lentils, beans, soya and pasta foods are NOT good for you.
    Bread 1 slice PD, Potatoes 2 PD. Rusks GOOD! Dairy is OK for you in small quantities.
    This reading can change according to your health. Or related to whatever else you have eaten. Common sense. You can check by dousing with your hand over some food/Medication. Or even write it down or imagine it and ask.
    You probably know all this.
    Have a try!

    (This comment has been edited to remove personal names)

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    • (This comment has been edited to remove personal names)


    • About your comment which I really appreciate, I use a blood sugar testing kit to monitor my sugar. It tells me the physical response to the food I eat. I am on a Highfat, Low carb, Fasting diet. The trouble with diabetes/peripheral diabetes is that there are certain foods that might be good for other people that you simply CANT eat! Fruit is an absolute no no! And Lentils, beans, soya and pasta foods are NOT good – ever. Neither are Bread, Potatoes, Rusks. I believe, on the whole, here in the UK, as I said in my post, “the healthy food plate” this Government promotes, is MAKING people diabetic. And in the juicing (fruit and veg) Nurses Study done some years back, a huge proportion of those taking part ended up diabetic. But I hope you enjoy my todays post called This Old House, which might be my problem! 😀


  2. Anything else on the chart that I have not mentioned is fine. C

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  3. There is a long comment awaiting moderation that you have not yet received. All about dousing to find what you can eat or not.(this comment has been edited to removed personal names)


  4. I saw this and thought of you! 30 Science Backed Health Benefits of Cinnamon I’ve started droning a cup of cinnamon herbal tea everyday to see if my arthritis improves. Too early to tell yet… 🙂

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