The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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My best friend

Mr Furlong is my best friend. Continue reading



My mother died today 15 years ago

The Furlongs were at my mother’s death. Three of us – my sister, Mr Furlong and I. Continue reading


Water fixation

Every week, I go to swim. There is a person there who actually swims with her bottle of water put on the side of the pool. Now and again she goes to it and drinks. Continue reading

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Blog gone for a Burton!

Well, “Gone for a Burton” means – missing – or dead. Continue reading

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The Furlongs are forced to exercise by the dog.  Continue reading

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An interesting website and the blue zone

I found an interesting website whilst I was researching/am researching world diseases and diet. Continue reading


My conclusion is that there is no conclusion

For eleven days I have been following Dr McDougal’s starch based diet.  Continue reading