The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Back from hols depression

I don’t get depressed much now days – but if I remember my life, I think I was depressed for all of the first bit of it. Firstly, I had a strange upbringing. I had a disastrous first marriage that I stuck in for ten years because, in those days, women in Africa who walked out on their husbands, lost all rights to their children. And both our parents said “You must stay with each other for the sake of the children”.  Continue reading



The 10 benefits of old age

Please fill in ….. Continue reading


Old ladies’ chests

At ninety two, my mother complained her breasts looked like blood hound ears. We thought that was really funny. They did! My mother was generously endowed, yet even to the very end, she encased her blood hound ears in a bra. Continue reading


RIP my beautiful tree

From the lounge window, I look out on a beautiful huge old tree. I love it. It grows along the canal path, but I can see it from our front window. Continue reading


It’s a puzzlement – here today, gone tomorrow

Lung cancer rates are rising in non smokers.

Yet smoking rates are dropping.Smokers are banned from smoking in indoor places in most countries. So why are lung cancer rates rising? Continue reading


The benefits of not having a dog

The benefits of not having a dog are that we are free not to worry about him anymore – to wonder if he will deteriorate rapidly at the age of almost thirteen. Continue reading


Jeremy Paxman and 3000+ offended comments

Well, well. I never liked Jeremy Paxman the television interviewer. He’s not clever – he’s just rude. But he has suggested that people over 65 have their voting rights removed.  Continue reading