The Last Furlong

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Fighting with the bedclothes

We have been in switched bedrooms for ten days. I’m not doing well with my new bedding.

Mr Furlong and I have become incompatible in our old age in the bedroom. Continue reading


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In praise of dogs

These old Furlongs love dogs. We have always had dogs.

Wonderful dogs!

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Deaf, deaf deaf – probably

The Furlong dog has been to the vet. We have cleaning drops for his ears – just to do some ear housekeeping. Continue reading


Deaf dogs and yellow ribbons

The Furlong dog, Bobby, wears a yellow ribbon on his lead. I have seen another dog wearing a yellow ribbon around here. Continue reading


Ariadne – our ‘baby’ (spider)

The Furlongs have a new pet. She’s not mature yet, so this year, she won’t be breeding. We have watched her grow from a tiny thing to a substantial  ten pence size.

She lives in a corner of our kitchen window. Continue reading


Escaping from a sinking car

Several years ago our friend and her dog died in her car when it was pulled into the river in a flood. The shock of that kind of event is unbelievable. It’s always something that happens to someone else – never to anyone YOU know. Continue reading

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The Furlong dog’s best friend has had a bad accident

The Furlong dog  is called Bobby. He’s an old chap – just turned 12 this April. As far as we know he only has one best friend. His friend is the Furlong daughter’s dog. They spend happy hours together in perfect peace and harmony. Continue reading