The Last Furlong

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Two birds with one dog

I offered Bobby-the-now-dead Furlong’s dog’s stuff/material possessions on Freegle. There were so MANY would be takers, we were astonished. Continue reading


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Being our dog’s executor

I put together a dog-pack of good stuff to give away on Freegle (a site for giving away free second hand stuff in your area.) Continue reading


We lost our dog – RIP Bobby

Our old dog had a very quick end. He had a massive spleenic haemorrhage.

We had to have him put to sleep yesterday.

He had a cancer on the spleen which ruptured.

What a shock!

He seemed fine in the morning – but obviously he wasn’t.

What a wonderful dog he was. The BEST EVER!

Here he is in his heyday…

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The Furlongs are forced to exercise by the dog.  Continue reading


Fighting with the bedclothes

We have been in switched bedrooms for ten days. I’m not doing well with my new bedding.

Mr Furlong and I have become incompatible in our old age in the bedroom. Continue reading

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In praise of dogs

These old Furlongs love dogs. We have always had dogs.

Wonderful dogs!

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Deaf, deaf deaf – probably

The Furlong dog has been to the vet. We have cleaning drops for his ears – just to do some ear housekeeping. Continue reading