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Harvest Mites – bite help without bullshit

At this time – July to the middle of August, I am bitten by Harvest Mites. I have been bitten for twenty years. I’m an expert.

Here is some REAL help without bullshit for those people looking up Harvest Mite bites on the internet.

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The Furlong’s now dead dog’s whisker

This morning I went through some emotional pain. Continue reading


RIP my beautiful tree

From the lounge window, I look out on a beautiful huge old tree. I love it. It grows along the canal path, but I can see it from our front window. Continue reading


It’s a puzzlement – here today, gone tomorrow

Lung cancer rates are rising in non smokers.

Yet smoking rates are dropping.Smokers are banned from smoking in indoor places in most countries. So why are lung cancer rates rising? Continue reading

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Rats – or mice?

Since the death of Bobby-the-dog, we are noticing the birds have become a bit bolder. Continue reading


Dog comfort

This video should play if you click on it. Reminds me of the now deceased Bobby-the-dog.

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Mr Furlong came home from collecting his medication at the medical centre. The miracle was, that for the first time since we have been living ‘in town’ here, it was CORRECT! Continue reading