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Escaping from a sinking car

Several years ago our friend and her dog died in her car when it was pulled into the river in a flood. The shock of that kind of event is unbelievable. It’s always something that happens to someone else – never to anyone YOU know. Continue reading

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Interesting reddit on rare dog discovery in New Guinea

The Furlong house is dog lover territory. Man’s best friend. Our best friend.

I’ve been exploring the Wild West of reddit – and in ‘new’ today, I found Continue reading

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Oh such fun

A friend sent this to me – The Nostalgia Machine

Just dial in your year, see all the numbers you forgot, hit + and its added to your playlist – magic. Sit back and remember….. Continue reading

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The Furlong dog’s best friend has had a bad accident

The Furlong dog  is called Bobby. He’s an old chap – just turned 12 this April. As far as we know he only has one best friend. His friend is the Furlong daughter’s dog. They spend happy hours together in perfect peace and harmony. Continue reading

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I bet you’ve never seen this photo before

Here is a photo I don’t think you’ve ever seen before. I haven’t.

It made me sad. Continue reading

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Itti pretty duckies and liddle puddy tat

I walked up to the hospital for an eye test.

Half way there, I came upon a gaggle of little ducklings with their mommy, waddling down the pavement. Oh what a sight! The road there was frightfully busy with trucks and cars roaring past. Did I worry for the safety of the itti pretty duckies and their Mom? Continue reading

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These are a few of my favourite things

There are sometimes in my life that are better than others…here are a few of my favourite things. Continue reading