The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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The Furlongs are forced to exercise by the dog.  Continue reading


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In praise of dogs

These old Furlongs love dogs. We have always had dogs.

Wonderful dogs!

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Deaf, deaf deaf – probably

The Furlong dog has been to the vet. We have cleaning drops for his ears – just to do some ear housekeeping. Continue reading


Deaf dogs and yellow ribbons

The Furlong dog, Bobby, wears a yellow ribbon on his lead. I have seen another dog wearing a yellow ribbon around here. Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

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We’ve eaten our cake

Yesterday, was the day when we finished the last crumb of our cake – Daylight Saving.

Since March we have been living it. An artificial construct. Longer evenings, longer days. Kids and old folk have been going to bed before it is dark, sometimes when the sun is still shining. Workers have been arriving at work an hour early in fact. So they can leave an hour early and enjoy long hours of daylight after work. They’ve had their cake and eaten it all summer long.

But that’s over. Today it gets REAL.

Real time – dark mornings, dark early nights. The winter is coming. We can all snuggle into bed in real time, without blackouts. And wake with the alarm, in the dark.

There is really only Summer Time, and Real Time.

Today Real time started. (UTC  Coordinated Universal Time )

I’m not sure how long the Furlong dog will take to realise it. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Walkies and Bedtime will all be at a different time. He won’t like that at all!

At 2am on Sunday October 29 the clocks are set back to Greenwich Mean Time.



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Oh ffs – now my neck!

A stupid thing happened to me today.

I should have listened to Mr Furlong. Continue reading