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Harvest mite itch solutions

I had a terrible night. HARVEST MITES – once more. The itch is maddening! I spent an hour in the wee small hours researching again. I know a lot about Harvest Mites. I have been researching them for twenty years at this time of the year. Continue reading


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Harvest Mites – bite help without bullshit

At this time – July to the middle of August, I am bitten by Harvest Mites. I have been bitten for twenty years. I’m an expert.

Here is some REAL help without bullshit for those people looking up Harvest Mite bites on the internet.

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British understatement in the garden – Busy Lizzies

Twenty years ago, when this Furlong arrived in the UK, I could not quite put my finger on the weirdness of the British. Continue reading



This morning I saw one bird at the bird feeders – one. Continue reading


Discrimination and Pigeon Pie

Our bird feeding setup has become complex.

It’s their wits against ours. Continue reading


The plants we might have in our garden, in the summer – but didn’t!

I found this post in my drafts file from two years ago! I had forgotten all about it.

It was called “The plants we might have in our garden, in the summer” Continue reading

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Falling hair in vegans

I have given this post a straight title so anyone else with the problem, can read this. Continue reading