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Disabled Badge Holders Only – for the bird

This morning we ended up at Accident and Emergency at the local hospital. Mr Furlong’s insulin injection kit broke.  Continue reading



Spider incident

I promised someone who comments on this blog, that I would try her trick for getting rid of a spider. Continue reading


Attractive Real Estate

We had a spider in our kitchen for a while. Ariadne – our ‘baby’ (spider)

But she got so large and scary, we put her out into the garden. Continue reading

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Today’s geography

I get so muddled as to which middle eastern country is where, I need to refer to a map.  Continue reading


The Rapture and all that jazz

Today is the day of The Rapture,  or it could be Niribu crashing into our planet, or nuclear war.

This Furlong is old. She has seen many dates for the end-of-the-world come and go – many sandwich boards in streets, many sermons. Continue reading

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No bloody weeds!

I was just cleaning out my ‘favourites’ history list on my computer. I found a lot of files I’d saved in the past.

One of them was called Useful Weeds. I remember that article – and I had more or less ALL of the ‘useful weeds’ in my old garden, or growing in the cemetery nearby. I used some of them. They grew magnificently! Continue reading


Ariadne – our ‘baby’ (spider)

The Furlongs have a new pet. She’s not mature yet, so this year, she won’t be breeding. We have watched her grow from a tiny thing to a substantial  ten pence size.

She lives in a corner of our kitchen window. Continue reading