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Yoga and monkeys

People seem to like monkeys.

I don’t know why.

In Africa, we lived with monkeys – Vervets – they were an absolute pain in the arse and, more clearly, a bloody nuisance! Continue reading

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All wired up

This bloody piriformis sciatica is driving me crazy. I’m losing my life to it! There are wonderful plants in my garden all flowering and I’m missing working with them. Illegal immigrants have invaded sections and shortly, they are going to take over. My friend over-the-road says “Don’t worry, weeds are easier to pull out when they are large”! Continue reading

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Once apon a time twenty years ago

I very seldom go shopping. I avoid shopping. I worked in retail clothing as a manager of a brand in a big store once. They used a markup of nearly 400% on their clothing. While I was there, they changed their embroidery and clothing manufacture to China (or somewhere there). All the “made in the UK” labels disappeared. I remember a small protest from people who arrived at my counter saying they were never going to buy from us again. They “only bought stuff made in the UK”. Continue reading


Difficult day ahead tomorrow

Tomorrow this Furlong is going out with her sister. Mr Furlong and the Furlong dog are staying at home.

It’s going to be a really difficult day. Continue reading

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This old house and high blood sugar

If you follow my blog, you will know I cannot fathom what the hell has gone wrong with my blood sugar which has risen since we moved into our tiny new flat, here, in July last year.

It’s a puzzlement! Continue reading

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How to completely wreck your Saturday

This Furlong does this a lot – she’s an EXPERT!

How to wreck your day – any day Continue reading

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Oh no! What have you done?

You know we have recently moved house. We moved from the country to the town. I often blogged about our garden, and its inhabitants at our old house. There were lots of little animals there. Continue reading