The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.


Snow at last

At last we’ve had snow.

Proper snow. Continue reading


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Snowdrops – hot topic – how do they keep warm?

Our snowdrops are out. Continue reading


Mr Greedy

This morning, Mr Furlong has just put new seed out for the birds.

They are WATCHING us. Continue reading

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Sunday’s gardening

The sun was out yesterday – beautiful sunshine – or bloody nuisance – blinding the eyes of the Furlong troglodytes. Continue reading


Our snow

I was complaining that we’d had no snow. No snow at all whilst the rest of England had lashings of it. Continue reading


Fighting with the bedclothes

We have been in switched bedrooms for ten days. I’m not doing well with my new bedding.

Mr Furlong and I have become incompatible in our old age in the bedroom. Continue reading

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Disabled Badge Holders Only – for the bird

This morning we ended up at Accident and Emergency at the local hospital. Mr Furlong’s insulin injection kit broke.  Continue reading