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British understatement in the garden – Busy Lizzies

Twenty years ago, when this Furlong arrived in the UK, I could not quite put my finger on the weirdness of the British. Continue reading



The plants we might have in our garden, in the summer – but didn’t!

I found this post in my drafts file from two years ago! I had forgotten all about it.

It was called “The plants we might have in our garden, in the summer” Continue reading

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The main garden pest

Our last garden was slug and snail central for the whole of the UK. OK, well that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Our house was pompously called “Aysgarth House”. We never used that name. Having such a pompous name makes one think of long drives with huge wrought iron gates, herb and vegetables gardens, mazes and orchards, horses and titles. Our Aysgarth House had none of those things – just slugs and snails.  Continue reading


RIP my beautiful tree

From the lounge window, I look out on a beautiful huge old tree. I love it. It grows along the canal path, but I can see it from our front window. Continue reading


Snow at last

At last we’ve had snow.

Proper snow. Continue reading

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Snowdrops – hot topic – how do they keep warm?

Our snowdrops are out. Continue reading


Mr Greedy

This morning, Mr Furlong has just put new seed out for the birds.

They are WATCHING us. Continue reading