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Looking for love

I was amused to read Head Rambles blog post about how he disliked his son-in-law. It’s very funny, and the Furlongs have been there. Currently we like our sons-in-law.  Continue reading



Blackberry playbook blues

I have two BlackBerry playbooks. It’s such a waste! I hardly ever use them. They are so beautifully made.


I’ve dug them out and am trying to use them again.

I’ve reinstalled the rim operating system. Wow it seems to have been updated. That’s a surprise! For years I longed for an update. BlackBerry stuff used to be fantastic

in the beginning.

But their rim system has been completely superseded by Apple and android.

BlackBerry playbook used to be my midnight friend when I first started blogging here on WordPress. But now WordPress’s ‘new and improved!!!! system doesn’t work on BlackBerry playbook.


I’ve found I can still use the old dashboard system – the old GOOD system that WordPress replaced to make a post at midnight should I feel like it. I have to overcome a few glitches to do it but, SEE! I have posted here from my old playbook.

I’ll even try inserting a photo. If you don’t see it, I couldn’t do it.

Elephant skipping languidly seems to have been updated.

Anna Raccoon – Head Rambles

To others here who follow me, Anna Racoon has died.

I’m so sorry – I bet she’s going to be working hard in the next dimension! What an amazing woman she was in this one.

Bye bye Anna – I have shed a tear for OUR loss.

Travel well!

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Oh no! I’ve been robbed!

Yesterday I moved my Life on an alien planet blog to WordPress. I was astonished to find I had – what was it? 2630 plus followers on it. Continue reading

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I moved my old blogger-blog ‘Life on an alien planet’ to WordPress

I just exported and imported my old blogger-blog called ‘Life on an Alien planet’ to WordPress. People were complaining they couldn’t comment. I have just started blogging there again – all my old posts from 2012 are in the Archives called ‘old posts’ – and the comments too, I think. It was amazingly simple!

Here is the link – Life on an alien planet.

In the process I found out I have 2638 followers.

I didn’t know.

Fancy that!

Please follow me there.

The difference between this blog and that one is –

About this blog (Alien planet)

This blog is where I can get very sour, very political, very depressed, very disappointed, very philosophical, very confused, very nostalgic, very cynical, very obnoxious, very old-fashioned, grumpy and irritated


spoil your day!

I’ve restarted THAT  blog, because THIS one is supposed to be short and sweet about frogs, and pussycats, art, gardens and happy observations. And – in the beginning, it was! Now I think it’s mostly spoiling your day too!


Pills x x x Urtify? + + +

In 2013 I wrote a post on my blog Life on an alien planet – The secret is in the sting. 

I have been using stinging nettles to urtify my back for three days – and again, the result is miraculous. My pain is hugely reduced. In ‘The secret is in the sting’ post, there are links to more information about urtification. Please read it. Continue reading


What the hell is Reddit?

Is it useful to have an account with reddit? I have. But what use it is to ME, I cannot fathom. Continue reading