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Talking to the TV

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The Furlongs in this house, are interested in politics. We are interested – but we don’t always agree.

Strange things happen on the TV – the information you glean from it is highly unreliable.  In politics, for instance, it’s all just people’s opinions.

Our little hob goblin Tony Blair is calling for people to “rise up” against Brexit. And his little Mandlepoodle has been on TV spouting all HIS opinions. We have to vote against the Government before the end of the world comes to the UK.

The end of our world is nigh – the sky is falling down!

They KNOW. THEY are the experts.

Well, in this house WE are the experts. Boo them off the stage. Shout them down. TELL them a thing or two. Fools! Idiots! Lob them with verbal rotten eggs and squishy insults!

Shouting at the TV is cathartic, everyone should do it.

Makes us feel less politically impotent. And gives us a laugh.

If you can do it in French – it’s even better!

Image result for french flag

French English
merde shit
putain fuck
va te faire foutre fuck you
va te faire enculer go fuck yourself
branleur wanker
fils de pute son of a bitch
crétin cretin
imbécile fool
t’as pas de couilles you ain’t got the balls
connard asshole
salope bitch/slut
connasse c#!t
dégénéré inbred
tu me gonfles you’re pissing me off
tu me fatigues you’re annoying me
dégage ! piss off!
je m’en fiche I don’t care
je m’en fou I don’t give a shit
j’en ai rien à cirer I couldn’t give a fuck
j’en ai plus rien à foutre I couldn’t give a flying fuck
j’en ai marre I’m fed up
j’en ai ral le bol I’m really fed up
j’en ai ral le cul I’m so fucking fed up
t’es un salaud you’re a bastard
ça schlingue! that stinks!
ça pue that smells bad
tais-toi be quiet
ta gueule shut up
ferme ta gueule shut the fuck up
t’es rien qu’un petit connard you really are an asshole
quel salaud ! what a bastard!
bordel de merde oh fuck
la vache oh crap
nom de Dieu/mon Dieu oh my god/my god



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I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

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