The Last Furlong

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Chicken Likken – cluck cluck cluck

In the olden days, clucking took much longer to spread around the world. But, with modern technology – it’s pretty speedy. We see it here in the UK. A person says some inconsequential thing, and in a flash, it is transformed into a career crashing faux pas. Or they produce an idea – that becomes a buzzword…. Continue reading



On the stupidity of man – a thought

The same wealthy friend of my mother’s – the one that gave me the Balmain dress, and in whose house I stole and lit up my first cigarette, ended up lonely and sick. Continue reading


On the stupidity of man – a meditation

I remember watching this many years ago. It’s still good. This channel alone has had almost ten million views – and this video appears elsewhere too.  Continue reading


Celebrations! Zuma has gone

Well, the Southern African swamp is being drained.

Zuma has gone. They call him Mr Teflon.

Why? Because nothing sticks! Continue reading


Jeremy Paxman and 3000+ offended comments

Well, well. I never liked Jeremy Paxman the television interviewer. He’s not clever – he’s just rude. But he has suggested that people over 65 have their voting rights removed.  Continue reading

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Horse beating

This blog is called “The Last Furlong” after a painting by Marjorie Owens which appears in the heading. Marjorie Owens was a tiny woman who trained horses and painted them too. The Furlongs have several of her originals. She was also a Rupert Bear illustrator. Continue reading

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Fashion at the Grammy Awards 2018 – today’s meditation

Here is today’s meditation…. Continue reading