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What the hell is Reddit?

Is it useful to have an account with reddit? I have. But what use it is to ME, I cannot fathom. Continue reading


Chilled, not stirred

Someone gave me the suggestion I sit on ice for the pain in my buttocks. Or at least stick an ice pack down my knickers. So I did.


But today the pain has moved into the back of my thighs. Continue reading

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57 Varieties

Good post! Says it the way it is!

underdogs bite upwards

It used to be a Heinz slogan. I never knew what the other 56 were and really wasn’t much interested in finding out. I only remember the beans and the TV bean ads with the little fat wizard. ‘Beanz Meanz Fartz’ or something.

Naturally, all that has nothing to do with the subject of the post but if you’ve been here more than once before you already knew that. This isn’t about beans. It’s about sex. Beans and sex don’t really mix unless you are into something very kinky that I’d prefer not to know about, or you like that bit of extra turbo boost in your thrust, or part of your foreplay involves an eye-watering Dutch oven… we’ll stop there I think.

These days, ‘gender’ has joined the long list of clearly defined words misused for political purposes. Let’s clear that one up.

I have every qualification in biology…

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Hey – you!

I woke this morning thinking of “friends”. I don’t seem to have many. Or rather, we have all drifted away from each other. I suddenly realised I am the one that keeps the connection (no matter how fragile) goingContinue reading


Tourrettes Var – 2017

The Furlongs are interested in art. This Furlong loves it because it makes her think and feel stuff. Mr Furlong is interested because he frames pictures. And we both ran an Art Gallery.

Art supported us. Continue reading

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The post called “Here Today, gone tomorrow” hasn’t been published yet!

It’s a miracle!



A time warp.

The post called “Here Today, gone tomorrow” hasn’t been published yet! It’s scheduled…

Sorry for the notification you got in your mail! Continue reading

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From my bed – mixed allsorts

From my bed, today, with a streaming cold and aching joints, I’ve been watching the world go by. Continue reading