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Islam via “find” – Mercy

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If you follow my blog, you know I’m studying the Quran that I downloaded onto my computer via Google Chrome “find”.  It’s my own primitive content-analysis so to speak.

But others have done it before me. Excellent Link Here

In one of the Odin content analysis, “Mercy” was a word that appears more in the Quran than the Bible.

Just taking a single word, is not really enlightening.

In my “find” analysis, “Mercy” seems to be an aspect of God – and is not offered to followers as the way they should behave. God’s “Mercy” is their reward for good behaviour – so the fact that “Mercy” appears in the Quran more times than The Bible (140 times) means ziltch.

But “Charity” appears 38 times and it really does mean “Charity”!


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