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Hey – you!


I woke this morning thinking of “friends”. I don’t seem to have many. Or rather, we have all drifted away from each other. I suddenly realised I am the one that keeps the connection (no matter how fragile) going

I am the one that sends e-greeting cards, or little e mails that say “Thinking of you – how are you?”

I am the one that asks people around for meals, for tea, contacts them at Christmas.

I am the one that keeps the connections going.

Recently a friend phoned from Africa – we had a wonderful chat after I recovered from the surprise. Nothing had changed! She was the same person I knew and loved.

More recently, a friend phoned from London. It felt the same.

There is something wonderful about hearing a VOICE! The voice of a friend is wonderful.

A text, an email, a card is not the same.

Mr Furlong doesn’t worry about not having friends. Without me, we would have absolutely none!

So,  hey you,  all my used-to-be-friends, past, present and far away, you were really important to me. Was I important to you?

If I was – phone for God’s sake.

Or at least answer my emails.

I thought keeping in contact was so important, I bothered to think about you.

And I’m not dead yet!


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

5 thoughts on “Hey – you!

  1. I know the feeling. But I don’t think it means they don’t care. They just get caught up in their own lives.

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  2. Ms. Furlong, if you’re interested you might want to check out Frank Davis’s “smoky drinky club”! It’s something new that he just revved up from his blogging base:

    I haven’t made it there yet myself as I’m somewhat technologically-challenged in the video area, but at some point I plan to wend my way over. Meanwhile there ARE a number of good folks there that you may have run across in your netraveling!


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  3. I know just what you mean! Sometimes it seems the friendship is a one-way street and I’ll be thinking along the lines of “Oh, well, if they can’t be bothered…” and then, like today we’ll get an email out of the blue from the ones we were just talking about…. 🙂

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