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My “National Treasure” review

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My goodness – we are entertained on Tuesday night with “National Treasure”. Did you watch the first episode?

Mr Furlong enjoyed it. But I dunno…..

Jack Thorne’s new Channel 4 drama National Treasure is about a fictional faded entertainer called Paul Finchley (played by Robbie Coltrane) accused of grotesque historic sexual crimes.

His wife Marie (Julie Walters) has always been aware that he has never been a faithful husband; but the claims made against him rock both their worlds (and that of their daughter, Andrea Riseborough’s Dee) when he is put on trial.

While Finchley and his story is entirely made up, the drama’s production team has made no secret that it is influenced by many of the real life cases that have rocked the British entertainment industry, from Jimmy Savile to Operation Yewtree.

But right from the start, the decor in the Finchly house is quite hideous and not “real”.  And Paul Finchley hobbles around with a walking stick looking totally f****d at the age of 66! Fictitiously he was born in 1950. I don’t know anyone that looks that bad at only 66!

So I had to suspend my disbelief.

His misdemeanor happened in the 1990’s evidently. What was wrong with writing something inspired by Yewtree that happened in the 1970’s – as it did – when young girls were throwing themselves at Celebrities?

Then, the script is slickly weird and unreal. The family conversations are peculiarly strange – filling gaps in audience knowledge, rather than family talk. Stilted.

I had to overcome my disbelief once more.

Our (anti) hero is cheating on his wife again as he has his whole marriage. And he watches violent porn.

The whole thing felt very odd. Fake – contrived – artificial – by a writer who is writing a script derived from his own present culture. What can Jack Thorne know at only 37?

I believe we never find out if our (anti) hero is guilty of grotesque historic sexual crimes. This is a “character study”. A “drama”.

Very disappointing.

Don’t know if I could be bothered to watch 3 more episodes. But Mr Furlong will.


Author: Elizabeth

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One thought on “My “National Treasure” review

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