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The Wood-Wide-Web. Make your day!

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Oh this article is worth reading – every word of it!  It’s about how plants communicate.

The Furlong garden, that we had in our last house, “communicated” with all the plants in it I’m sure! Its message was joy and delight in itself. The plants grew huge and various, wherever they decided to. We did not have an orderly, manicured “human” space. I just controlled the bully plants.

So I loved this report in the world’s most popular online paper. And I believe we, scientifically, don’t know nothing yet! People affect how plants respond too. I’m looking forward to an article on THAT.

Dr Suzanne Simard of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver has discovered that they (trees) can also send warnings using chemical signals and electrical impulses through the fungal networks that stretch under the soil between sets of roots — networks known as the ‘wood wide web’.

These fungi operate like fibre-optic internet cables. Their thin filaments penetrate the earth, weaving through it in almost unbelievable density. One teaspoon of forest soil contains many miles of these tendrils.

Over centuries, if left undisturbed, a single fungus can cover many square miles and create a network throughout an entire forest. Through these links, trees can send signals about insects, drought and other dangers.

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