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Lily stamens continued

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When spraying Lily stamens with hairspray to stop the pollen spreading one must not forget to “seal” the new buds opening. I have been so delighted by watching my wonderful blooms opening new buds every day, I have got careless. I had an accident with my favourite powder blue jacket.

Our Furlong daughter came to visit with our granddaughter who developed terrible eczema after she was born. So I moved my Lily arrangement into another room, in case it could trigger an allergic response.

I got bright yellow pollen all over the shoulder and arm of my jacket.

I came from the newly exposed stamens I hadn’t sealed.

The sealed stamens, wither more quickly than untreated ones. They lose their turgid, youthful look quicker than un-sprayed stamens. Which is sad, really.

But the wages of their pollen shedding is horrible on clothes! My powder blue jacket had swathes of bright yellow stains even after a wash.

In the Furlong house, we do not use detergent to wash our clothes (because of our granddaughter). We use very excellent non-detergent washing balls. In our latest purchase, I had ordered their stain remover.

I applied it to the stains – and – amazingly, after a re-wash – all the pollen stains had disappeared.

I am not selling laundry balls – in fact many of them are pretty useless – but the ones we use are special and  actually work.

Thank goodness.

How to Remove Lily Pollen Stains from Carpet

How to Remove Lily Pollen Stains from Carpet


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