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If it’s nearly your birthday, stop and think TWICE!

You know how things that you heard or read years ago, stick in your mind?

Well years ago I read an article which said that starting about forty two days before a birthday, you need to be careful of the decisions you take because people go into a destruction cycle and ‘reorganise’ for the next year that is coming apon them. So they do daft things clearing away the old to get ready for the new. Many significant things happen just before your birthday. Some of them aren’t nice but you actually brought them apon yourself through changes you made.

At the time of learning that ‘fact’, which I never knew, I found many significant things that had happened to me just before my birthday. So the idea embedded deep. I had ‘proved’ it to myself. When you are young, significant things are exciting. When you are old, you want to avoid them at all costs!

So, I avoid doing anything at all decision-wise just before my birthday.

Today, I was going to write a post on another blog I have, a post that I’d have to actually think carefully about, but I didn’t write it. I got side tracked looking at the ‘stats’ on it. I have several blogs. And the stats are remarkably different. My blogs are for me, really, a way to let off steam, share ideas with a faceless few or practise being lucid. Mental excercise really. Fending off dementia if that’s possible.

So that got me thinking about THIS blog. THIS blog, in my head, is classified as quick, superficial, fun, light hearted, no-particular topic about two old people, the ‘Furlongs’. I called it The Last Furlong because I knew and loved Majory Owens art. Her piece called The Last Furlong (heading image), inspired me daily as I used to see it on our stairs. It represented to me how all of us are always on the last furlong of our lives. Every action that we do, or even try to do, has a last furlong element to it, that last effort, before the end, before completion.

Every day is a personal ‘Last Furlong’ in some way.

This blog has the least followers. But the most comments. And, now, many thousands of views. It occurred to me to add an ‘s’ to the title, making it The Last Furlongs, because it’s just about Mr Furlong and me. But of course Mr Furlong is ACTUALLY the last male of his name. He IS the last. I think people think this blog is about horse racing.

Adding an ‘s’? The Last Furlong’s’?

No, I’m not going to do that today because I’m in the dangerous phase of my year.

I’m in the dreaded forty two days!


What the hell has happened to WordPress?

I was going to write about something else, until I got side tracked by the new WordPress format.

I don’t know what the hell is going on! My last blog post allowed me to set no categories. Nor tags. I hate those anyway. What use are they?

Yesterday I made a comment on someone else’s blog,

It was to one of the most popular bloggers on WordPress, with thousands and thousands of followers. Someone replied to my comment. But I was not notified. That site now shows as having 137 (or roundabout) followers. WordPress showed me the stats without my asking.

Recently, I got some kind of notification from WordPress which I didn’t read. I just deleted it. I’m sick of getting notifications from God knows whom and from God knows where. If I’ve signed up for something I just expect it to work!

So something must have changed on WordPress. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

I never look at stats. I write for me, for my own discipline and to keep my grey matter functioning. But today I have looked at my stats.

I have been trying to write a post a day. I reckon a post a day keeps dementia away. But I missed yesterday. I do have followers, some.

But this morning I checked how many readers read my posts today.

I know it’s early, but it might be my brain. Today my reader count was -0.


Minus 0.

I looked -0 up on Google. It had nothing to say. I looked up “minus zero” on Google. In programming, it means…..

Basically negative zero means underflow.There’s very little practical use for negative zero if any…

I’m hoping -0 will have improved by tonight!


WordPress – the new editor

I am trying the new WordPress editor they have constructed to boggle our brains. It’s called ‘Blocks’.

        FFS, could they not have left it as it was? 

Oh no!


Mind you – there is a lot to like about it when you get used to it….we could be friends!

15 best Teaching old dogs new tricks images on Pinterest ...


Don’t blog about yourself -evidently

I read a blog about blogging. It contained tips for bloggers. I think there were several ‘rules’. I cant remember them actually and I have no link for those who want to know them: there are many, many blogs ‘out there’ on how to be a good blogger. Continue reading

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Two blogs

I’m reminding my followers that The Last Furlong (this blog) is for superficial read-in-a-minute stuff.

Read and forget. Continue reading


Blackberry playbook blues

I have two BlackBerry playbooks. It’s such a waste! I hardly ever use them. They are so beautifully made.


I’ve dug them out and am trying to use them again.

I’ve reinstalled the rim operating system. Wow it seems to have been updated. That’s a surprise! For years I longed for an update. BlackBerry stuff used to be fantastic

in the beginning.

But their rim system has been completely superseded by Apple and android.

BlackBerry playbook used to be my midnight friend when I first started blogging here on WordPress. But now WordPress’s ‘new and improved!!!! system doesn’t work on BlackBerry playbook.


I’ve found I can still use the old dashboard system – the old GOOD system that WordPress replaced to make a post at midnight should I feel like it. I have to overcome a few glitches to do it but, SEE! I have posted here from my old playbook.

I’ll even try inserting a photo. If you don’t see it, I couldn’t do it.

Elephant skipping languidly seems to have been updated.


Oh no! I’ve been robbed!

Yesterday I moved my Life on an alien planet blog to WordPress. I was astonished to find I had – what was it? 2630 plus followers on it. Continue reading

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I moved my old blogger-blog ‘Life on an alien planet’ to WordPress

I just exported and imported my old blogger-blog called ‘Life on an Alien planet’ to WordPress. People were complaining they couldn’t comment. I have just started blogging there again – all my old posts from 2012 are in the Archives called ‘old posts’ – and the comments too, I think. It was amazingly simple!

Here is the link – Life on an alien planet.

In the process I found out I have 2638 followers.

I didn’t know.

Fancy that!

Please follow me there.

The difference between this blog and that one is –

About this blog (Alien planet)

This blog is where I can get very sour, very political, very depressed, very disappointed, very philosophical, very confused, very nostalgic, very cynical, very obnoxious, very old-fashioned, grumpy and irritated


spoil your day!

I’ve restarted THAT  blog, because THIS one is supposed to be short and sweet about frogs, and pussycats, art, gardens and happy observations. And – in the beginning, it was! Now I think it’s mostly spoiling your day too!

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The post called “Here Today, gone tomorrow” hasn’t been published yet!

It’s a miracle!



A time warp.

The post called “Here Today, gone tomorrow” hasn’t been published yet! It’s scheduled…

Sorry for the notification you got in your mail! Continue reading

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Bloggers banging on

Recently, two of the bloggers I follow – who inspire me with their ideas, have put their blogs on “Suspended”. They explain, they have run out of ideas – are overwhelmed by the black dog, feel they have no “audience”, no oomph, no enthusiasm. The will to blog has left them.  Continue reading