The Last Furlong

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Here today, gone tomorrow

This might be my last post for a while.

Last year, I posted stuff while we were in France, but this year, I’m leaving my computer behind and we are taking only one laptop – the lightest and thinnest! Last year we had internet access in our apartment, but this year, we have to roam to get it. There will be plenty of free wifi spots around us, but I’m going to release myself from blogger pressure by saying I’m taking a break.

Here are some of the posts I made last year in May. 

So this blog will be erratic. Thanks so much for following it!

à bientôt

This is the place we will be – Perched Towns



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The post called “Here Today, gone tomorrow” hasn’t been published yet!

It’s a miracle!



A time warp.

The post called “Here Today, gone tomorrow” hasn’t been published yet! It’s scheduled…

Sorry for the notification you got in your mail! Continue reading

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From my bed – mixed allsorts

From my bed, today, with a streaming cold and aching joints, I’ve been watching the world go by. Continue reading

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Hate day, or Hope day

And so we come to THE day! The inauguration day of Donald Trump. Continue reading

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Cheering Christmas Post

Happy Christmas all!

(There were no writing errors found by the proofreader in this post)


How to grab a pic off Twitter

I found a picture – a gif image – on Twitter that seemed to be the epitome of ME.  Well, me, most days. Well no actually, me, most of my life.

But besides admiring the skill of the artist who captured the attitude, I couldn’t save it to my computer. Continue reading


Apologies to my followers

Since I started this blog, I’ve had a few followers – not many – but some.  I was unaware of the WordPress section that tells you who your followers are. I have not acknowledged you! Sorry. WordPress is thoroughly confusing to me.  Continue reading