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What is this growing on my nettle bush? Please share and respond

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I am totally smitten with stinging nettles. This annoying plant that”bites” through rubber gloves and clothing, has such amazing healing potential and is a useful food, that it is an unsung, un-praised amazing thing. It grows all around us – free – and it cannot be copyrighted by Big Pharma nor outlawed by the Government.

It is so powerful in it’s medicinal properties, that it must be used with care. Mr Furlong, who is on a huge cocktail of National Health Service “one size fits all” medications for heart and stroke, cannot use nettle at all.  But now and again we have pan tossed nettle tips dripping with sizzling butter as a treat.

I have nettles growing in secluded places all around our garden. And in pots for taking indoors for the winter. Just for ME!

But, recently, I have discovered a strange thing growing on one of our plants. I first thought it was a moth pupae – but it is actually growing off a stalk from the main stem. Here are some photographs.  Please respond to me if YOU know what this is. (Apologies for poor mobile phone snaps, but gives all visual information needed)

from the stalk

Growing from the main stem

nettle growth

Nettle growth from above



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