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Wearing a “Do not resuscitate” ID is useless – unless you happen to be dying

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Mr Furlong and I, being long in the tooth, wear Medical lockets pendants medallions discs that give all our details and specifically request “Do not resuscitate”. But we are going to toss them. They are completely, utterly and totally useless. If an ambulance comes for you, and possibly even in hospital, you WILL be resuscitated unless you have registered a DNR with your doctor and have a terminal condition.  (more info here)

Resuscitation when you are old and fragile can be the slow end of you!  Surviving resuscitation We already have End of Life Directives lodged with our doctor, but we aren’t end-of-life quite yet. We might appreciate resuscitation at our young age.

Our disks also contain information about Mr Furlong’s medical conditions – but even that might be pointless to update.

When Mr Furlong had his stroke and then his heart attack – or was it the other way round? – the Hospital and Ambulance had all his details up on their screens before we even got there. The UK National Health Service can be amazingly efficient – sometimes.

For the bin –

ID disk

Not useful in the UK really



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