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I taught history in an ANC school in South Africa during the apartheid era. I was embarrassingly aware that the text books we had to use in order for the students to get their Matriculation (A levels in the UK) were written for white schools by white writers and were not the real history, but fake stuff – educational propaganda.

History teaching is the same all over the world. We are simply inculcating the children with the political correctness of the era.

I’d hate to be a history teacher nowadays.  In this age of hyper political correctness, I would find myself floundering. Every teacher must be aware that history is about people and each era has  a different perspective of the right “attitude” as to how history must be taught. In Victorian times, it was all Empire and the glories thereof. In Edwardian times, it was keeping the Empire together in the face of the burgeoning German Empire.  In the middle of the 20th Century, it was anti-fascist, anti German, then anti-communist. Opinions about the activities  of countries in the march of history change over generations. We are currently glorifying World War One – our role in it.  We are remembering our people, honouring them.

I would make a terrible history teacher now in my old age. I would teach that war is a wretched thing, everyone of them unjust, only to be entered into as a very, very last resort.  There is no excuse for war on any other grounds. I would not remain quiet on all the wars that have been fought for power by megalomaniacs using war to promote their own political importance. And especially about the devious wars we are fighting for devious reasons now.

Here is an interesting video on how borders have changed since the Middle Ages. Just imagine the suffering of the people as the elites struggled for power.

Watch How European Borders Changed since the Middle Ages


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