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May the force be with you


Well, it’s a general election in June here in the UK.

Good for you Mrs May.

It’s a perfect political move. All the worms are squirming!

Very clever.

I’ll be voting for you.

Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “May the force be with you

  1. All the worms are squirming!

    More like the worms are turning not squirming. That the worms in her own party aren’t worms but, as she would no doubt see it, treacherous vipers at her bossom.
    Basic ‘fact’ of politics: no British PM (hell, almost no leader anywhere) calls a snap General Election unless they really really have to, unless there is no other choice (ie they’d lose a Vote Of Confidence). I’m guessing -and May hinted at as much- that she now knows that 1. the ‘worms’ in the tory party are never going to vote for the sort of brexit that gets her all ‘flustered’ and 2. the Europeans are not going to let her keep the dog and the VHS Porn collection in this divorce. Especially after Erdogan. So it was either call a GE or stock up on Majoresque little notebooks.

    Whether or not her cunning plan will work out rather depends on which UKIP (remember them, they were quite popular a while back) ‘jump’ -whether they dream of being in coalition with her after the Election or whether they will tell their xenophobic rabble to ‘vote Tory and keep Brexit Brexit’. If Farage suddenly gets invited to lead the party again this week then you can be sure it is the first option. Mind you, a coalition May/Farage might be good for smokers if it ever happened.

    The other ‘bugger’ factor will be all those remainers who after Art.50 was posted , did what I did (and I’m not a remainer) and see to it that their ‘own sheep were in the dry’ (to use a German saying) and resigned themselves to whatever fate Brexit would visit upon them. Very much a British trait, if something seems inevitable. However now suddenly there is a chance that we might still get a ‘soft’ brexit. All the ‘resigned to brexit’ remainers will come out of their bunkers and vote for whoever….

    And there is Dustybin of Labour, for whatever reasons the British Sheeple like the guy. His own party may hate him but the whimsical old dears on the Clapham omnibus love him. He may surprise us all yet.

    One prediction; IF May wins with a thumping majority then she will out serve the Sainted Mrs T as PM.

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    • I agree with your last point – worth taking the gamble? Exciting times ahead!


      • Seems I might have been slightly wrong. I was assuming May was worried about her Europhile MPs like Ken Clarke. However the German TV news this evening said she felt ‘imprisoned’ by the more rabid Euro Sceptics. Seems some of them had threatened to kill any Brexit bill that wasn’t ‘hard’ enough in their eyes. Germans, the German MSM (and I assume the rest of the EU) appear worried that if May loses then Brexit may NOT go ahead. The German reporter outside the HoC went to great lengths to explain that the chances of Brexit not happening even if May loses are very very small- almost impossibly small.

        Hmmm maybe my quip about ‘notebooks’ was closer to the truth than i realised.

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  2. PS Loved her analogy of her reaching her decision to call a General Election whilst trampling all over Wales. Points for style there Terry, points for style.

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