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Music, music, music

Mr Furlong and I listen to a lot of music. That’s why we first went out in the very old days. We liked the same music.

In lockdown, we have found new and exciting young people still making the old music we enjoy. The old guard is still there too. But it’s so pleasing to listen to the new generation carrying the sound on. Real music – more than four notes! Our daughter suggested some music she liked on Spotify. So I joined Spotify.

On Spotify you can find just about any artist you like, except for a few that have opted out. Its a grand app! No one is spreading venom like Twitter, or uploading Selfies ad nauseam like Facebook and, whats the other one, I can’t remember, or uploading innane Tic Tok clips of nurses dancing in empty hospitals. The best things on Tic Tok are the cute dog videos….

If you have a free Spotify account, there are adverts – occasionally. But hey, they are everywhere. You can donate to the artist you like too. If you have a computer, phone or tablet, enjoy music, have time, try Spotify – no commission being paid here, I’m just sharing my delight.

Spotify can be any kind of place you like, peaceful, happy, uplifting, energising, fun, comforting, joyful, because its just music, music, music.

And the music YOU like is good for YOUR soul.

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Lockdown Boogie

Mr Furlong and I enjoy Boogie.

It’s uplifting in these dreary times.

Be uplifted too….its good for the immune system!

This was produced at the beginning of isolation by Chris Conz from Switzerland with Boogie-Woogie piano players from all over the world, doing their thing, ALONE yet TOGETHER! 🎹

Conz has a great channel called International Boogie Nights

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Remember Jesus Loves Me?

Remember Jesus Loves Me?

Ok – so here is the meditation for today Jesus Loves Me… in Jazz by the brilliant young Yohan Kim….I hope you like jazz as much as I do….

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Some people don’t get much attention

What do you do when you feel you’ve not been appreciated? Well, you break free! Continue reading

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Some amazing young people

I get quite depressed about music currently. The old melodic music I knew and loved seems to have disappeared, and we are left with cacophony on four notes. Continue reading

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Morning has broken – not a cloud in the sky!

Oh, perfect day!

Not a cloud to be seen.

Sunshine! SUNSHINE! Wow. Continue reading

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Fashion at the Grammy Awards 2018 – today’s meditation

Here is today’s meditation…. Continue reading

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The “N” word, you motherfuckers

I know I’m getting old, but somehow, the world never seems to improve – it only changes. That which is not accepted now, is treated as if it should be expunged from History. Continue reading