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The convergence of laziness

Yes, I am physically lazy.

Always have been.

I hate excercise.

My main focus at school was to avoid sport. It was fortunate that during my very first tennis lesson, the server slammed the ball into my eye so I could feign terror of tennis to the gym teacher, so she let me off tennis. Someone bombed me in a swimming lesson and the teacher rescued me from the bottom of the pool. I feigned pool terror. The teacher let me off swimming.

My motto has been – never run if you can walk, never walk if you can sit, and never sit if you can lie down. It has worked all my life so far.

But now there is a convergence occurring that needs attention.

The neighbour walks the dog, so I don’t anymore. He gets much better walks from her – goes miles, in fact.

The weather is crummy, rain, ice, snow – always something to do with water. They don’t have lakes all over the place here for nothing. So I’m not walking to see my sister twice a week. I drive.

I never go out otherwise.

Gardening is out. Everything is dead. The ground is iced solid.

Swimming on Thursdays has been cancelled because of Covid-19.

And the final situation is that we now have a robot vacumn cleaner. He’s wonderful! I never have to do a thing except empty his tummy when he has finished his duties. If I change his tummy for a water tank, he even mops the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Whats there to do?

I know!


Mr Furlong is a kitchen creature. He produces great food.

Food plus laziness equals fat.

It’s simple Math.

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Blood flow restriction bands experiment

Its my sixth week using blood flow restriction bands on my walks.

I use them on my legs, right at the very top. I have them on approximately 20 minutes to half an hour every day.

The ones I use have an elasticated section (as they should) so that even when you have tightened them, they have ‘give’.

I have seen a definite change in my muscular strength.


I actually picked up my baby grandchild which is something I haven’t done for years. I stopped because my left hand is mostly paralysed and my right hand is arthritic. I hold nothing heavy reliably.

I can open bottles.

I can close a drawer next to my lounge chair that has previously always seemed to jam for me.

I wizz up the steep incline to the canal. I wizz down it too.

I feel more confident walking, less cautious, more stable.

And lastly, my left leg and arm, the semi paralysed side, are stronger. And I am using that left arm to do things with, like open doors etc.

For me, my experiment has been very successful. For old people, it’s helpful to do.

And keep doing, even if walking with them is not an option, sitting and using them on arms with very simple excercise, is. As the restricted blood flows back, the chemicals the body made in the blood, goes to all the muscles everywhere, and strengthens them too.

It’s a boon for the elderly or the disabled. Link

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Qi gong

These old Furlongs go to Tai Chi on a Tuesday evening. It’s called Tai Chi, but we do about forty five minutes of Qi Gong to begin with. I like the Qi Gong much better than the Tai Chi we end with. Continue reading

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Run, jog, skip or walk

Yesterday all our smallest grandchildren were here. If you follow my blog, you will know that behind our home (which is a ground floor flat) there is a large green field. Continue reading