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Dangerous ideas


There are several ideas that cannot be disseminated into society.

They have to be  obscured for various reasons. They are dangerous ideas. They could lead to a break down of our present system.

These are my dangerous ideas that the experts/governments cannot admit to, for fear of derision, suit or financial cost.

  1. The idea that there is continuation after death – a natural process of re-utilising consciousness – for everyone.
  2. The idea that vaccinations cause collateral damage in the body and everyone ever vaccinated has it.
  3. The idea that atomic explosions in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are affecting our health now, or that nuclear accidents of the past are.
  4. The idea that there IS free energy, or other methods of harnessing energy naturally.
  5. The idea that evolution is a cooperative endeavor, and does not proceed randomly through natural selection.
  6. The idea that goods could be made to last a lifetime or more, reducing wastage.
  7. The idea that our society is a result of deliberate social engineering and mass manipulation which we should resist.
  8. The idea that we do not have “rights” – there are no natural rights, except those we have chosen academically.
  9. The idea that economic growth and consumerism cannot continue, because it is a cancer consuming us.
  10. The idea that men and women are not the same, but very different in skills and abilities, which both genders should be allowed to develop naturally.

Have you got dangerous ideas?


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

13 thoughts on “Dangerous ideas

  1. 11. That epidemiology is the “Prostitutes Science,” designed to give any answer you want as long as your wallet is large enough.

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  2. 12. That bankers are merely legalized thieves and a leech on productive society.

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  3. Still on banks, that the Irish Central Bank, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve and all other Central Banks are private companies, not controlled by any Governments yet they have the license to print our money as they like.

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  4. 1. Can’t be scientifically explained, quantified or monetised so is an irrelevance to them.

    2. Collateral is the operative word. The perception of reduced liability from not having to treat illnesses. Don’t ever be under the illusion that the government cares about you and increasingly your doctor, it’s how much you cost and how they percieve they can mitigate it.

    3.The liability would be to massive to contemplate so we’re not going there….ever.

    4. The gathering mechanisms have a finite life span and require huge amounts of energy and environmental damage to manufacture. Every wind mill has the bodies of many Chinamen attatched to them care of pollution from rare earth mining.

    5.The clue is in the word Evolve.

    6. We must conserve but we must consume, something doesn’t add up here. Most goods are now manufactured with the intent that they cannot be mended and to have a finite lifespan, Usually around the time the warranty runs out.

    7. Our society has evolved to where it is now, the decision is there is more money and power to be gained by manipulating it. Your opinion is being systematically removed from the calculation.

    8. see 7.

    9. It is and it will.

    10. In the fullness of time this will be re-realised. Both equal but inherrantly different.

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      • The thing is there are not too many people that are not of our age that realise the reality of the situation that we find ourselves in. The longer it prevails the more normalised it becomes. The ongoing reality is how do you convince 90% plus of the population that think they live in a democracy that they don’t. Our realisation is going to die with us.

        On a brighter note a merry Christmas to you and yours.


  5. The idea that lobbyists are only benefitting the companies they represent and not the best interests of the majority.

    The idea that financiers fund both sides in wars.

    The idea that arms manufacturers have a greater interest in armed conflict than peaceful negotiations.

    The idea co-operation is more productive to the human spirit than competition.

    The idea that us old’uns have experienced more than the young’uns! 😉

    Great post Mrs Furlong!!

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