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Hunger between breakfast and lunch


Churchmouse Campanologist

If we have breakfast, we shouldn’t feel hungry until lunchtime, right?

Yet, millions of breakfast eaters feel hungry before lunch.

I remember this from the cereal repasts of my youth. My mother thought this was healthful and weight-stabilising. Dad and I had to join in the regimen of Special K with sliced banana and semi-skimmed milk. Errgh. By 10 a.m., I was hungry.

Is it any wonder that I came to share this journalist’s opinion of breakfast:

Breakfast is a nag. Breakfast saddles up against the loser wall with “flossing” and “401k” and “thank you notes.”

But I digress.

As I have now seen for myself, part of mid-morning hunger depends on what one eats in the morning.

Dr Mercola has a good page on breakfast, hunger and fat loss. Excerpts follow, emphases mine.

Why carbs increase hunger

Mercola explains:

Typically, you will find that eating a carbohydrate-rich

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Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “Hunger between breakfast and lunch

  1. Thank you very much for the reblog — greatly appreciated!


  2. The essence of the situation is insulin, a large carb based breakfast leads the body to respond with insulin production. The response, a large insulin spike, reduces the blood sugar drastically, the body takes it’s cue from this and produces the seemingly logical response, sustenance needed, hunger.

    I have a very low carb intake and as such the concept of hunger, in normal circumstances, is alien too me. I have a daughter on the insulin see saw and she often says to me “Dad, why am I always hungry” The easy and correct answer is easy, “you eat too much” She’s borderline clinically obese and showing the signs of pre diabetes. Once on the carb and insulin see saw it’s difficult to get people off it. The shakes and the mood swings can only be satiated by eating, with near instant respite.

    The problem we have with modern society, ably aided and abetted by corporate interest, is we now equate food as a pleasure, nothing wrong with a bit of pleasure from what you eat, but it’s gone to new levels. It shouldn’t just be based on pleasure it should be borne in mind what it actually is, fuel. If you overfill your car and it overspills into the boot it becomes explosive.

    As to the man ” one overweight man piled his plate with cereal, fruit salad and five slices of various whole-grain breads slathered with jam. No doubt he thought he was doing the right thing.”
    He is trying, quite often, to mitigate his expenditure for the rest of the day. It doesn’t work…..but he thinks it does. I have a brother in law with the same mentality, all you can eat, it’s included and I’ve paid for it, so he eats all of it.

    Credit to Churchmouse for posting it.


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